The Comeback

Day 4,853, 09:11 Published in Canada Canada by Dozzer_x

Last time I wrote an article in this newspaper, I was running to become President of Canada. This was more than 6 years ago. I stopped playing this game as I was preparing for my final high school exams and I never actually came back.

So I told myself that the time has come for me to check out what's going on and see if anyone's still around. Turns out people are still around from those times, but the game has changed quite a bit, and to be frank I have no idea what's going on anymore.

Basically, I have two main questions:
(1) How do I get to play this game properly? (And how do aircraft battles work and who gets to elect the mayor more specifically? And how do cities actually work?)
(2) I assume that the IRC servers are no longer used to communicate between each other (in all frankness, in 2021 mIRC sounds like something from the last century) so how do you all get to write to each other?