Interview with a Dill Pickle

Day 4,850, 21:44 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Rican


There is only one dill Pickle in the eWorld and that is Dilly....


I've been noticing some strange doings in eCananda....
so I thought I'd ask my OLD friend Dilly wazzup.

Rican: Hey Dilly....... what is going on with Canada?

Dill: According to some folks I've embezzled Canadian funds. I have no idea how I'm supposed to have done that. Anyhow I am pissed. They may as well have finished the impeachment. This is a pretty big slap in the face.

Rican: You have always been honest with me. Do you have any idea where Kippers got the idea you were stealing?

Dill: Nope, makes no sense.

Rican: Any arguments? People trying to grab power?

Dill: That's what is so crazy. Usually everyone gets along great. No backbiting or fights over who does what. If there's someone wanting the CP chair they can have it.

I guess I don't know Canada as well as I thought I did.

Rican: If you ever need a place Switzerland could always use a hand.

Dill: Thanks bro, always a soft spot for the Swiss.

Well that's the interview so far.... we will be watching for further developments.

Uncle Rican