Exciting news! Spectacular! Truly riveting! And a lizard!

Day 4,849, 23:23 Published in USA USA by Trekker Tlumac

Need cash now? Call 1-800-

Oh wait, this isn’t that? Oops. I saw cash disbursements and just kind of assumed… Sorry, hold on, my aide has just informed me that I was reporting the wrong story. Just let me shuffle my notes.

Ah, yes. I got the right pages now.

Ahem… Let me re-begin.

So who likes free stuff? Easy stuff? Tasty stuff? I know I do! Ain’t nothing finer than resting my weary head on the finest wriggling crickets that eMoney can buy.

That plus I get midnight snacks if any of those twerps chirp too loud.

Keeping that in mind, I am here today to share good news!

Ever listening to the needs of its members, the 506 is proud to announce the beginning of a new aid program! On the first of the month our very own Deepchill will post in the 506 party feed, announcing the new month’s money drop. Participating members need only be in the party and comment on Deepchill’s post in the party feed to earn this bonus. We’ll call it a monthly roll call. Or maybe Deepchill’s loving aid. Or 506 Cares. Or Currahee Care Package. Or Monthly Airdrops. Or, even, quite possibly, but not really, MRCDCLA506CCCPMA for a, much longer than it needs to be, short abbreviation. You know… Actually… What’s really important here is that if you answer the Roll Call, you get the money.

The amount will be 10,000 cc to each participant of the roll call.

Pretty simple right? Be in the 506, comment on the post, sit back and let the money roll in. If you want in on this action, and all other 506 giveaways, and are not already in the 506, come join the party. We’d love to talk to you. If you want more information? Feel free to contact someone in leadership, including an especially sexy lizard who may or may not be writing this very article. If that person doesn’t have an answer for you, they will try to get one for you. Together we are a better community. And that is what we want. Cooperation, dialogue, respect.

So remember, 506 cares. We care so much that we will pay you for being active on the party feed!

On that note, I am going to go lay on a pretty rock I have been heating. Its warmth will burn the chill of eternity from me.

Signing off,

Trekker “The blizzard of a lizard” Tlumac