Dominar for President in March: Chickensguys Successor

Day 4,848, 10:30 Published in USA USA by Dominar Rygel XVI

My Fellow Americans and Hynerian subjects,

We are sadly nearing the end of the Sequel Trilogy of Chickensguys, which was every bit as great as the Original Trilogy!(Unlike Star Wars), and as we search for someone to replace our fearless leader, I would like to present myself as the natural successor of Chickensguys to the Presidency of the United States.

We just came out of the wilderness of 7-months of establishment rule, including two months by a multi who was enabled by some to deceive his way in to the Presidency, and I say we have to charge forward, rather than look backwards. If you elect me your President, I promise to continue the successful policies of the past three months! Vote Dominar Rygel XVI on Friday, March 5th!

Now for some personal bragging, before my plan for America!
Career Highlights
*Dominar to over 600 billion people.
*5-Term Vice President of the United States
*2-Term Secretary of State
*3-Term Governor/Secretary of Homeland Security
*Secretary of Education
*Deputy Press Secretary
*19-Term Congressman
*Congressional Whip
*9-Term Party President of We The People
*Former SFP Party President
*Executive Officer: Continental Army
*Former Black Sheep Regiment Captain

Now that we got that out of the way, I want to tell you a little bit about what I will do as your Country President.

My Team
Vice President: Kobble
Secretary of State: Baby Yoda
Deputy Sec. of State: Toto Schillaci
Senior Adviser: Chickensguys
Secretary. of Defense: ZRTX
Deputy Sec. of Defense: Wild Owl
Governor/Secretary of Treasury: Monsieur Manchukuo
Secretary of the Interior: SVS1109
Secretary of Education: Thee Dude
Press Secretary: TBA

An Imminent Invasion?
Our allies have been targeted by a Greek philosopher, and there is talk that the US may be wiped at some point. We must not allow this to happen. We will explore any and all options to make sure that the US remains on the map. I will work to bring additional firepower to the defense of the US homeland, and while we will continue to stand with our friends and allies around the world, we need an 'America First' defensive policy, and my talented team will be sure that we put that in to focus during my administration.

Truth, Justice, and the eAmerican Way
Many of you know about my crusade against bots and other dirty play since the beginning of the pandemic. These efforts have led to the banning of scores of illegal accounts, and we keep vigilant to this very day. This culminated in the shocking and disturbing revelation in the scandal that is now known as 'Krapgate', which then led to even further revelations. President Chickensguys himself, known as a moderate consensus builder even got off the fence and publicly denounced the threat that the Department of Homeland Security had exposed further during his term. He was then re-elected by a nearly 2-1 margin. Clearly, the American people agree with our government on this one.

I support maintaining 1% taxes across-the-board. It's been good for our country, and don't see a need for any major overhaul on that front.

National Referendums
Certain issues of importance are often decided by a few people in smoke-filled rooms. I intend to declare that matters of major importance to the country will be put to a national referendum vote, where YOU the people of the eUSA will decide the future of our country by majority vote. Populism is a good thing for keeping the community engaged, and I will encourage it!

The End of Forum Corruption
We The People's membership voted overwhelmingly to declare the eUSA forums to be null-and-void, and not accepted as a legitimate form of governing the eUSA. This was long overdue. The unfortunate result is it leaves our country very divided, but I have invited all, friends and political adversaries alike, to join the new in-game mechanical Congress, and hope this will chart a new course for America's future!

More Fun
Some parties make an attempt with game nights and whatnot, but we need more fun in general! I think "national game nights" would be great to have. We should also incorporate some sort of national giveaways into our press releases to get people more engaged. Let's have fun be for the entire country. If we get more people interested and involved, we can definitely cut down on attrition rates. Every person we can motivate to stay helps our community! I am also very excited to announce that should I win, eNPR will return in a revamped format known as....*drum roll please*eNPR: The Chicken & The Owl, two of the titans of American Presidential history, Chickensguys and Wild Owl have agreed to host a weekly version of eNPR, where they will dispel the fake news of the week for you!