[MoD] ORDER UPDATE - UK Breaking Treaty Edition

Day 4,848, 05:41 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Department of Defence

An out of normal rotation update as our new training war partners Canada and Poland settle into Ireland and we finish moving not only S.Africa and RoC around to reset determinations but also ourselves as we moved from Aland Islands to Eastern Finland.

The other reason for the update is ofc to inform you of actions around Northern Ireland!

On the 20th January 2021 we signed the Bushmills Agreement with the UK and we were informed that they had re-certified the contract for another month on 19 'Ayes' to 1 'Nay'.

Despite this apparent commitment to re-establishing cordial relations and restocking their trust account with Ireland it was noticed that there was a noticeable uptick in support for a RW in Northern Ireland from UK players.

On remarking on this to the UK government they responded that they did not support a RW and intended to honour our agreement.

The RW was started

Since the start of the RW the UK has made no attempt to undo the damage of it's citizens fighting contrary to our up to date national orders as requested by the treaty and the UK fighters contain at least 10 congressmembers and the MoFA.

In addition they have issued orders to UK fighters that they were actually seeking to win in Northern Ireland.

Therefore having been in such heavy and flagrant breach of our agreement, we can only conclude that the UK has decided to abrogate their responsibilities and go back on their sworn word.

Any agreements between Ireland and the oath breakers across the Irish Sea are now null and void.