[IRE-UK] Bushmills Agreement

Day 4,809, 06:57 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Department of Defence

Over 2 weeks ago Ireland began an exchange of notes with the new government of the United Kingdom in an attempt to resolve the issues that resulted in an abrupt and shocking break in what had been otherwise friendly relations.

After over a week of negotiations between representatives of the two governments an agreement in principal was reached and the text submitted to both congresses.

The Irish Congress or Dáil Éireann voted to agree that the Irish CP or Taoiseach would signify its agreement to the following by application of his signature and for the treaty to be ratified on the receipt of the UK CP's signature.

Desirous of re-establishing cordial relation between the two nations the governments of Ireland and the United Kingdom do agree and affirm the following;

1. In recognition of the regret the United Kingdom has for the breakdown in the relationship and in acknowledgment that the tone and language used in their communications was improper. The United Kingdom waives all claims on any cash awarded by the game to Ireland (which will be considered reparations) from the initial date of Ireland assuming control of Belfast and its attendant region to the date of the ratification of this treaty.

2. Both parties respect the right of each nation to run their own Training Wars as they see fit without any requirement for notice or permission of the other party.

Excepted from this understanding is that neither nation can engage in a Training War with a third nation that is actively engaged in a Training War with the other party and such a training war would involve the UK or Ireland attacking from one of their original national regions into one of the original national regions of the other party.

3.a ) Government officials from each nation’s executive should not fight in the other nations ground battles.

b ) In the event of any national from either party fighting in a manner contrary to the correct management of battles as established as “win or lose” orders as published weekly in;




The first complaint should be made to the opposing government via Telegram in a timely manner who will be expected to either rectify such bars or recover lost points.
The recipient of such a complaint would be expected to use their own internal process to educate the offender(s).

4. Ireland shall retain control of the town of Belfast and its attendant region for the length of this treaty.

5. Neither party shall invite or encourage a third nation to take control of Belfast and its attendant region without prior consent of the other party.

6. Ireland shall return all monies collected from Belfast and its attendant region to the United Kingdom on the 20th of each month minus a daily nominal fee of 750cc per day of control.

7. The terms of this treaty shall be in effect from the date of ratification for a period of one month.

The treaty can then be subject to re-ratification for one month with the additional clause added that;

8. “Upon re-ratification of this treaty the Irish and United Kingdom governments shall nominate representatives to discuss the return of the town of Belfast and its attendant region to control of the United Kingdom, if no subsequent and superseding agreement is reached, by no later than the 20th March 2021.”

9. If the treaty is not re-ratified and clause 8 activated then the default position returns to that prior to initial ratification.

President of the United Kingdom on behalf of the United Kingdom Congress

Taoiseach of Ireland on behalf of the Dáil Éireann