WHEEL OF FORTUNE IS OPEN [FED] Fed Press Release Day 4843 [FED]

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[FED] Fed Press Release Day 4843 [FED]

Federalist Press Release - Erepublik Day 4843

Today's Federalist News:
1 | Writing Contest for ALL
2 | What is to be Done
3 | Plato gone wild
4 | Wheel of Fortune

Writing Contest for ALL

Melissa Rose and the Federalist would like to invite all of you to participate in a writing contest. The details are real simple. Send your submission to Mel or I in a private message. We will publish all of the submissions and everyone will vote for the participants in an in-game article. I asked Mel to give me some guidelines so that we could help get everyone started, and she said 'leave people free to write whatever about whatever'. So, there you go, ANYTHING is fair game in this contest.

1st Prize: 50,000cc
2st Prize: 30,000cc
3rd Prize: 10,000cc

Have fun and submit those entries now!

Well, what exactly is to be done?
from contributor NicholasVincent

Derphoof put out a very satirical look at the current affairs and his opinions on the matters. In his article he stated aligning with WTP and BSP in abandoning the forums "would sound ridiculous". Before stating that they understand why BSP feels the way they do, Derp reassured them that they had nothing to fear in coming back to the forums. In closing the segment he stated "For the WTP, this isn’t about the forum causing them injury or harm. It’s about power politics, to benefit the elite in their party. It reeks of frustation with being in the Congressional minority." Derphoof went on to say that "USWP is interested and open to various reforms and changes to our system of government". Derp did make it clear that the USWP would not tolerate destroying the current system without having something better in place. Derphoof closed the article in saying, "As such, if they work with me in good faith to implement in-game voting again, I look forward to their immediate return to forum activity." So another top five party is willing to do the work necessary to bring all parties back to the forums.

Plato gone Wild
from contributor Herr Vootsman

In recent news - Plato has apparently banned a variety of high strength, low level accounts from many of our allied nations. The totally real people who sit at their computer all day, to provide hits for Mavericks in D1/2/3 are quite upset with their new-found free time. As a result, it seems like a few countries are outraged and are considering quitting the game. While no eUSA players were banned, it still does change the overall power dynamic. In coordination with our allies, some training wars may be closed while others may be changed (e.g. Serbia is now a Flip Flop).

While things are in flux, please make sure you are fighting where the damage is needed (not always for eUSA). Information should be available on the National Feed and other venues for communication from the Executive, or you can ask in Discord or Telegram. As we change things, please keep a close eye on when and where we are supposed to win, lose, and resistance war.

Wheel of Fortune

Congrats to the last winner of Wheel of Fortune, Gnilraps. He is the proud new owner of a Corgi, yet to be named. Help him pick out the name for his new little fella. Keep an eye out HERE for the next spin of the WHEEL.

Can you help name me? I is good boi.