Elite Air Squad's 2nd Anniversary Challenge – Results

Day 4,816, 12:02 Published in Portugal Portugal by Manel Hortalica

Citizens of the eWorld,

As you all know Elite Air Squad just celebrated his 2nd Anniversary on the 24th of January – eRepublik day 4814 – and during last week, we hosted an epic challenge together with 7 more prestigious Military Units. And what a week we all had!

You can read all about this epic event by clicking the banner above, or by following this link.

We can’t thank enough to all the wonderful units who took part of this incredible celebration, since without all of you, this epic event wouldn’t be possible. A huge shout out to all this outstanding groups who participated in the challenge:

To all of them, once again, our deep thanks for accepting this crazy challenge and taking part in our beautiful celebration!

Tuesday’s Results:

We all started with a bang! On the first day of the challenge, the hype was definitely on! Elite Air Squad started the week with an Air Epic organized by its members, a crazy battle that saw a frenzy start from the hosts and turned epic right on the 12th minute, and then, saw the participation of many other challengers!

Day 4809, Battle for Alentejo (🇵🇹x🇿🇦 TW), Round 4

By the end of the first day, the 8 units together had dealt over 190M air damage! The leaderboard was like this by the end of the day:

Truly impressive! The challenge was now on!

The Anniversary:

On the 24th of January, eRepublik day 4814, Elite Air Squad celebrated it’s Second Year Anniversary. Even being a relatively young unit in this old game, we are very proud of what we achieved together so far. Being acknowledged worldwide as the strongest air military unit in the whole game is a huge responsibility, and thus we needed to celebrate this important date accordingly. With nothing to prove, but a huge will to overcome everyone’s expectations, especially our own, we decided to organize another Air Epic to celebrate this day with another bang!

Day 4814, Battle for Tel Aviv (🇵🇹x🇪🇪 TW), Round 8

With the impressive damage we outputted in our celebratory battle, together with some farming and tanking in other important battles throughout the day, the daily Top 10 Aviators Ranking ended up like this:

Final Results:

When the competition finally got to its end, the results were absolutely astonishing! The expectations we had for this tournament were smashed! You guys truly rock! All this units are all to be congratulated, what an epic performance from everybody! Here’s the final leaderboard:

The total damage seen by this competition was huge! We know we all expected great things from such prestigious and strong units, but this was beyond expectation… Almost 600 million worth of air damage was dealt by the challengers together during the tournament!

The participation was incredible, with 555 pilots having their damage counting towards this challenge!

With these 555 pilots outputting damages ranging from 272 all the way to 20,392,085, here’s the average damage dealt per pilot for each challenger MU:

All these stats should make every unit proud of their performance during this week, it was truly a demonstration of strength and how powerful our epic MUs are! Congratulations, everyone!

Individual Performances:

Because some individuals were absolutely extraordinary during the week, the following mentions are more than worth!

Each Military Unit’s MVP:

Top 10 Pilots Individual Performances:

To all the pilots who overachieved themselves during this week, starting with these mentioned MVPs but not forgetting all the others also worth mentioning, our deep thanks for helping to make this celebration what it was! An epic competition, clean from any kind of controversy, with the uttermost respect towards one another… Simply a beautiful celebration!


As stated in the challenge rules, the total prize pool was comprised by 1,400,000cc – 100,000cc as a fee from each of the 7 challengers, making up for 700,000cc, which were then doubled up by EAS, the hosts.

The winners of the challenge, Elite Air Squad 🇵🇹, will receive 55% of this prize, 770,000cc.
The contestants who finished in the 2nd place, SJeB Force 🇷🇸, will receive 30%, 420,000cc.
And finally, the 3rd place finishers, Easy Company 🇺🇸, will receive 15%, 210,000cc.

Additionally, thanks to some private sponsors, some extra prizes will be awarded!

Sareena offered 50,000 Q5 food to the prize pool, which will be divided using the same ratio as the currency prize above. EAS gets 55% – 27,500 Q5 food, SJeB gets 30% – 15,000 Q5 food and EZC gets 15% – 7,500 Q5 food. KodaK. also added some food to the prize pool, 20,000 Q7 food. These will be delivered to the challenge winners, EAS. To both sponsors, our thanks, and to the winners, congratulations!

The collective prizes above will be delivered to the Commanders of each MU respectively and shall be distributed amongst their members as they seem fit. The following prizes, however, are individual, and will be delivered directly to each player respectively:

For their individual performances on the anniversary day, the Top 5 Pilots of the day were awarded by KickerPT the following prizes: In the 1st place, Sucateir01,000 Q7 weapons. In 2nd place, OMAGAD500 Q7 weapons. In 3rd place, joseph14150,000 energy worth of food. In 4th place, Miguel Soprano100,000 energy worth of food. In 5th place, Triariii60,000 energy worth of food. Congratulations to all the winners once again, and thank you KickerPT for sponsoring this prize!

For being the Tournament MVP, the EAS pilot Sucateir0, with the astonishing air damage of 20,392,085 dealt during the competition, will receive 1,000 Q5 Aircraft Weapons. Congratulations for this really impressive damage! And many thanks to Weekstrom for sponsoring this generous prize.

Last but not least, S E K T O R will give way some War Stash packs to players with prominent performances from the MUs who didn’t qualify for any of the awards above. These distinguished contestants will be personally picked by this prize’s sponsor. Our deep thanks, S E K T O R, for this very generous offer!

From EAS, we’d like to thank one last time to every single contestant of this tournament for helping us celebrate our second anniversary in this beautiful way. This was indeed an epic challenge, worthy of all our unit’s names and everyone should be proud of what we achieved this week. Truly impressive! To every single pilot who took part of our celebration, remember, #YNFA!