[EAS] Elite Air Squad's 2nd Anniversary Challenge

Day 4,806, 03:17 Published in Portugal Portugal by Miguel Soprano


We are happy and proud to announce that Elite Air Squad will be celebrating his 2nd Anniversary during next week, more specifically on the 24th of January, eRepublik day 4814.

To celebrate this epic date we are organising an international Aerial Damage Competition with the strongest MU’s in aerial damage from the past weeks.

We are happy to announce the participation of such strong and prestigious military units:

Alceo's ByP 🇪🇸
Easy Company 🇺🇸
Elite Air Squad 🇵🇹 [Organizers]
Flying Rabbits Elite MU 🇭🇷
Lin Kuei Dojo 🇷🇴
Persian Gulf 🇮🇷
P E R U N 🇧🇬
SJeB Force 🇷🇸

To all of them, our deep thanks, not only for accepting the invitation but also for taking part in our epic celebration. With that being said, may the best Military Unit win!


The goal is very simple, whoever has the highest aerial damage at the end of the next weekly challenge wins. The competition starts on day 4809 and ends on day 4815. The winners will be selected in the end of the weekly challenge and the progress can be consulted by checking the Weekly Leaderboards ingame [Military Units > Damage - Aircraft].

Each participating Military Unit shall add 100k to the prize pool, with the exception for the organizers, EAS, who will double the prize pool made by all the others. With 8 participants, we will have a 1.4M total prize pool to distribute by the winners.

The winner of the competition will receive 55% of the prize, the 2nd place will receive 30% and the 3rd will receive 15%.

UPDATE: 1000 Q5 air weapons will be awarded as prize for best air fighter during the Anniversary sponsored by Weekstrom. Our thanks for this generous contribution!

2nd UPDATE: Another generous offer, this one from S E K T O R, he will give war stash to one aviator from each MU placed 4-5-6-7, from his choice. Thank you!

3rd UPDATE: We received one more offer to add to our pool of prizes, 20k food Q7 from KodaK. Will be delivered to the winning MU. Thanks a lot, Kodak.

4th UPDATE: We received one more offer to add to our pool of prizes, 50k food Q5 from Sareena. Thank you!

Last but not least, every player involved in this challenge must be respectful towards one another, as this is a friendly competition whose main goal is to celebrate the greatness of our Military Units and have fun together. To ensure that there will be no disrespectful actions, or anti fair play of some kind, the organizers will open an ingame group PM with every Commander from the participating MUs and a second member they select, so not only everyone keeps informed of any actions taken by the organizers but to also give anyone the possibility to denounce any actions they seem unfit for a respectful competition or unfair of some kind. Players should report directly to their Commanders and these shall report with evidence in said PM, so the organization can take action. Damage penalties can be applied to the overall score. However, we hope there will be no need for any penalizing actions as we trust that every MU involved in this challenge are prestigious and elite groups who will play fair and most importantly have fun while doing it.

Get your engines ready everyone, as the skies will become epic once more!