[USWP] A Party Worth Fighting For

Day 4,808, 09:11 Published in USA USA by Derphoof

What do we want?

A party worth fighting for!

That’s the cry I’ve heard from the Workers that make up the USWP. This is why I jumped into the role of USWP PP.

I came to the eUSA in January of 2013, as a member of the Feds. One of the things that was beat into me was that USWP kinda sucked, and Pfeiffer was probably Satan incarnate. While I loved the Feds, I got to know USWP members, including Pfeiffer, and decided to hop on board.

The way they played the game fit me well. I liked the meta-game, the politics, and the support system in the USWP. It was a fun group to be a part of, and it still is. I hope that my return to USWP Leadership will stop the downward slide of the party, and restore us to our roots and our prominence.

Many in the party have lamented our fall from the heights of the eUSA Party System, and its due to a few things. Of course, much of the ancient old guard is gone, recruitment is non-existent, and the party’s political messaging is muddled at best. This has resulted in our party numbers dwindling, with little to help keep it above water, while some members of the party think “what are we fighting for?”

While I won’t consider myself to be the singular voice of the party, I’ll tell you what I’m fighting for, what I want you to fight for, and where we can go from here.

Firstly, I will try my best to recruit from every corner of the game. A party cannot thrive unless it has a vibrant membership. Without that, it’ll just be a few players in a PM group. The USWP has to be more than that, and I will try to climb the ladder of the game’s parties.

I can’t promise success, but I will promise effort.

Secondly, we must stand for something. So, I’ll tell you what I stand for in this game and in the community. I hope the rest of the party will join me.

I stand for the continuation of the meta-game as it exists on the forums. While I am open to compromises and inclusivity, the meta-game is good. The game itself necessitated the creation of the meta-game, which has been a positive for our community, and I will fight to preserve its institutions.

I stand for enforceable laws that make sense. My only gripe about the meta-game is that sometimes, people try to pass laws that can’t work. One such law is the “Political Subterfuge Prevention Act.” While I applaud EZC for complying with the law, it is impossible to know who is a “bot” and who is not, as well as who controls such bots. Accusations can be made all day, and the law could be abused. I talked about this on eNPR, where I agreed with Paul’s comment that it’s an unenforceable law, and DC’s comment that it could cause chaos. The meta must be used to supplement the game mechanics with enforceable laws and policies.

I stand for a strong military in the USA. And yes, I do not mind the presence of military bots in the eUSA. Other countries use and abuse them. I’m aware we have networks, and that the gov’t has encouraged the use of bots. So long as they are used to further our position on the battlefield, I am in favor of them. We cannot fall behind other nation’s simply because we refuse to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us.

I stand for strong foreign policy. When it comes down to it, moving to the Asteria sphere was always the right choice for the USA. I know I say that as someone who has advocated it for years, but I believe the current process in Apollo is the best path forward for America.

I stand for well-funded government. I will always pass CBO laws, to fund our government programs and keep a healthy reserve. We must invest our tax dollars into our citizens/fighters, to keep us competitive on the battlefield. Just as well, we must have a healthy reserve for when we are in distress.

Since I started writing this article over the weekend, EZC has presented a new party to the public. The EZC Apolitical Party is now explicitly political. I welcome the competition, and look forward to retaining our spot in the Top 5 for future congressional terms. I know it will not be easy, as USWP has no affiliated MU to gain members from (RIP, Ultramarines), but I will try my hardest.

As for this month, I am encouraging all Workers to consider running for Congress. I will be reviewing applicants and publishing our Congressional Ballot on the 24th. While it was on Christmas, the last Congress election was likely the worst performance in USWP history. I hope to turn that around quickly.

Until then, take care.