[FIST] Cthulhu for PotUS [FIST]

Day 4,727, 11:03 Published in USA USA by Cthulhu..

[FIST] Cthulhu for PotUS [FIST]

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all of you beautiful people in the eWorld. How is everyone doing with their respective quarantines? Are you finding some refuge in erepublik? We have been focused on the Resource Wars in earnest. If you have access to #warplanning and you have been involved, thank you for your assistance. If you would like access, just shoot us a message; so that we can get you in the action.

Thus far, we've managed to secure:
Deer, Fruits, Grain, Cattle
Oil, Aluminum
Iron and Fish

Now, we looking for that sexy Rubber and Saltpeter. Would you like to enable the eUSA to get these last two elusive resources? Look toward the people that have been actively involved in helping the eUSA secure these highly sought-after bonuses. I have been in #warplanning with Dinnyin, Yui, WhydoIbother2, george.barker, Animis, idna, Foxes, Patanok, Blande, TheNorm, zRTx, ubuntu21, dmjohnson, LeroyCombs, hoss1965, and IamGroot.

And, you get this comment while we are coordinating "So, should I start moving my s*** in finland or you guys think you can get last resources?" Is this the kind of leadership you are looking for in the Whitehouse? If you care even a little bit about helping the country build itself up, bringing the community together, and moving those last few steps toward Asteria:

Vote for CTHULHU on the 5th to be your next PotUS

We are nearing the final legs of this Resource War, and bringing our foreign affairs toward the only countries in the game that have treated us with respect over the last several months. Vote for me and finish this journey together. Vote for another candidate and you risk a month of fragmentation and devisiveness. What do you stand for in erepublik? Stand with me and the community, and let's do this together.

For those of you who either doubt my veracity or do not know me from a (glory) hole in the wall, here's a few things I've done in erepublik:

Federalist Party PP x10, every position multiple times
USWP PP x2, and every position multiple times
Secretary of State x2
Country President x2
Secretary of Defense x2
SEES VP for four months.
Secretary of Defense, deputy
Eastern Europe Director, US State Dept
Secretary of State, deputy
Special Forces, XO
Embassador to Turkey
Embassador to Hungary
Embassador to Ireland
Major in the eUS Cavalry
USTC Honors Graduate
Congressman (x53)
Director of Arm America

My name is CTHULHU and I want to be your next Country President.


Join me on DISCORD

And the FORUMS

"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion."

- Alexander the Great