215 Days

Day 4,650, 17:03 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

Dear eSwiss citizens,

The legendary patriot Tef1 as well as the Commander of the "Swiss Patriotic Guards" and Emperor of the the jokester land just issues the following proclamation. It reads as the following:

Dear Patriots and enemies of the state,

I, Tef1, the beloved and cherished Emperor of the Jokester land, hereby announced to friends and foes alike that unless the establishment that is failing eSwiss changes its ways and do all it can to improve life to the public then it will be incumbent upon me to take drastic measures.

To that effect, I am hereby giving the establishment 215 days to get their act together for the benefit of the eNation. If they fail and since they are unfairly trashing my character with articles after articles, I, Tef1, would have no other option but to conduct a civil war against the eNation.

Lets get something straight, unlike all previous civil wars in the new world, this is to restore democracy not ruin it.

In the mean time, I will be returning to Congress - an act that the failing establishment cant do nothing to stop.

If the establishment wants to restore fairness in the land, they can start by offering unequivocal apologies to me for the character assassinations of the past few months. More than that, I am deserving of a 650,000 CC apology reward for the misdeeds done to me. The establishment can cease power and give the power to a proven leader as they have failed time in and time again.

If the establishment wishes to continue with this stubborn attitude, then we will have a civil war in 215 days from today, if not a bit sooner if circumstances warrant it.

I hope they wont

Dictator in waiting and Congressman designee

This is a historic announcement and honestly one that is way over due. We here in TNS thank our beloved leader Tef1 for his patriotic announcement. Civil War is now a likely outcome unless the establishment did the right things in the next 215 days.