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Ahoy m'arties!

Shiver me timbers and stick a bottle of rum up a parrot's arse for tis I, CptChazbeard, here to bring ye news of the goings on aboard the sinking ship eUK this past week.

The training wars are ticking along nicely though some citizens still aren't quite certain what battles to win and when; so I've come up with this song to help us all remember.

And a one and a two and a one, two, three, four...

Against Serbia and Bulgaria we lose the direct battles,
Against Serbia and Bulgaria we win the resistance wars,

[Guitar solo]

Against Ireland we lose the Louth battles,
Against Ireland we win the Northern Ireland battles,

[Guitar solo]

Against the Netherlands we lose the East Midlands battles,
Against the Netherlands we win the North West of England battles.
[And now the big outro...]

UNLESS...{left leg kick}...THE...{right leg kick}...GOVERNMENT...{left leg kick}...TELLS...{right leg kick}...YOU...{left leg kick}...OTHEEEERWIIIIIIISEEEE a skibbidy da bibidy do wooo de booo baaaaaaaa. Yeaaah


Bar the usual cooking the books to hide my financial irregularities Huey has been hard at work renegotiating the resource concession deal with Spain. In summary; at Spain's request we have reverted back to the original 85:15 split (whereby we retain 15% of the concession) as opposed to the more recent agreement of 80:20. We have also increased our minimum return guarantee from 110,000CC to 350,000CC.

When we take into consideration other variables (such as city subsidies) the actual amount we retain is way, way off what the Country economy page may suggest to the naked eye. I'm still pessimistic about the state of the economy come the end of this event so believe the minimum return guarantee will see us alright in the longer term...no doubt if circumstances do change we'll be back round the negotiating table regardless.

I shan't bore you with all the details but many thanks go to the cabinet for what was an informative discussion. In particular to Huey who toils away in the shadows keeping the cogs of the MoF turning and to Sir Humphrey who – aside from lending us his thoughts on the matter – drafted up the new agreement whilst your useless CP was out of his little mind on drugs*.


What do all pirates love?
“Gold! Y'aaaargh”
Well, yes but what else?
“Rum! Y'aaaargh”
Obviously, but that's not all we're about. Think now.
“Gold! Y'aaaargh”

...10 hours later...

“F...fish??? Y'argh?”

Bingo! We're lucky here in the eUK that the Minister of Education and Fisheries happens to also be a Pirate too so knows exactly what we need.

That's right laddys, another detailed report on fish! I encourage any new players to read this article as soon as possible to get to grips with the game.

It's been over a week since we last heard from “Mad Pauly”. I was a bit suspicious when we left him with half the treasury on an a tropical island inhabited only by a tribe of sexually promiscuous women.

He ensures me that this is essential for his investigation and we pirates are known for our honour and adherence to law! Y'eeeeerg. He's not coming back is he?

We've had the usual start with a bang and then go quiet period in mongress, doubtless only to spring back into life when someone vaguely dodgy tries to apply for citizenship.

A big shout out to Matyi2020 who, in a moment of nationalistic fervour, fired off his two proposals about five minutes after taking his seat in congress and defended his actions in the best possible way. In doing so he becomes my Mongressman of the week and 50,000CC is heading its way to you dude.

Art Competition Winners...

What a disaster that turned out to be...so without further ado the top five prizes go to the only five entrants in the following order.

Le Racist Chaz by WookieO

Self Portrait by AMD

Communist With Penis by MattScazza

Dr. Strangechaz by Karl004

?????? by Hunkakaricum

A big round of applause for all the guys and many thanks for taking the time to participate, I will send out the prize money later if I haven't already done so. I'd like to give a special mention to Karl004 who regularly produces his own eRepublik memes and publishes them in his newspaper that you can check out here.

Right that's everything. On the flip side dudes o/

Hugs n Kisses
Chaz xxx