[SFPCN] SFP Producer Cooperative Elects 3rd Treasurer

Day 4,615, 16:23 Published in USA USA by Wilhelm Rontgen


During the past few days the SFP Producer Cooperative introduced two new producers into the Cooperative: T.J. SCOTT and RF Williams.

The SFP Producer Cooperative has gone through a holding period on paying out funding requests and receiving deposits.

This is due to Centomax, our former Treasurer being on a super secret military mission and as a result he was unable to fulfill his duties. During this time the Co-op elected LordOther as it's third Treasurer. Tonight this issue is being resolved, the treasury is being transitioned to LordOther's account as I type this, and he is receiving access to our Ledger.

We will be resuming Requests and Deposits within the next couple days.

Introducing the SFP Producer Cooperative's 3rd Treasurer:


The SFP Producer Cooperative is still receiving new members. If you wish to join you should contact any of these affiliated producers:

Goxi HN
Leroy Combs
Franklin Stone
Wilker Nath
RF Williams
Wilhelm Rontgen

They will vote you in to the Co-op and you will be included in a group message.

By-Laws: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-sfpom-proposal-sfp-cooperative-2713965 (If you are unsure how the SFP Producer Cooperative works read this)

Thanks for reading!

~eUS National Co-op Treasurer, and SFP Prod. Co-op Producer, Wilhelm Rontgen~