[PotUS] Gratitude and Plans

Day 4,611, 21:54 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

Greetings fellow citizens of the eUSA. As I sit to write this article it is during the waning hours of the 4th of July weekend. For me it was a lovely two day weekend; a much needed rest from the shambles of mandatory overtime, Contractual disputes, and general feelings of dread my Post Office I work out of has become. As the Union Steward in my office my role is to serve as a buffer between my coworkers and management it is a duty I enjoy very much, but do to the aforementioned state of things a taxing one. I will no doubt pay for the Post Office observing the national Holiday that is Independence Day, but I enjoyed spending time with my family and watching the fireworks nonetheless. Likewise I hope you enjoyed this weekend with friends, family, and festivities.

As I said at this moment it is the waning hours of July 5th 2020. As of this writing reelection appears more than certain. I would like to thank my own Federalist Party, WTP, SFP, USWP (though a timing snafu led to me being unable to accept the in-game endorsement in time), and the Liberal Republican Party for their endorsements. I would like to thank the voters as well for placing their trust in me and my team yet again. It is not something I take for granted. We have big plans for a scavenger hunt I believe will be fun, entertaining, and very worthwhile. We also have the dubious Hot Summer event. We will do our best to provide a quality month of entertainment and direction to the eUSA.

I also hope to make inroads in regards to laying at least some of our internal strife to rest. I believe strongly that the last two months have gone a long way towards showing you can successfully assemble a diverse group with different values and philosophies. I have very much enjoyed working with my team. We have made a few changes here and there as the terms have gone on. I will be highlighting those in my next article which I hope to publish either Tuesday this week or Wednesday.

It's been a good two terms that I am proud of. We have rebooted the domestic departments, averted a wipe at the hands of Asteria, proven that we can all work together in a common goal even if we do not agree on everything, secured funding for new government programs, established a National Cooperative for helping players become self-sufficient. Side note on that we are always looking for more to join the National Cooperative. KingTaco has been hard at work building the DOI website that allows you to request government program drops, gives battle orders, and is now building a RW schedule. He is rock solid and will be in charge of the Scavenger hunt once we have it ready for launch. As I said there is much that I am proud of, but we are not ready to rest on our laurels just yet and will do our best to build on the previous two months. As always I thank you for reading.