If you are my friend.... please respond.

Day 4,601, 17:49 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Rican


My dear Swiss citizens and my friends all around the eWorld,

I have been in eSwitzerland for over eleven (11) years now. It's hard to believe myself.

In that time I have made many friends and a few enemies. Many around the eWorld have interacted with my and my eCountry. I believe that my reputation speaks for itself. I have made a concentrated effort to always be generous, honest, forthright and fair in my dealings. I have taken pride in having been nicknamed "Uncle" Rican by many.

So I ask you all to comment on whether you believe I am trustworthy and honest. ? Why ? Because certain factions in the current eSwiss community have doubted my word and neglected my warnings about two troublesome citizens who have gone out of their way to spread discontent and disagreement within our previously happy eCountry. They are the clown tef1 and the stalker Corona19.

I am telling you all now and for the last time, they are not to be trusted.
They have spread hate and disruption.
They lie and spread falsehoods.
They destroy community and trust.

They are deadly viruses but game mechanics do not allow us to rid our community of these diseases. Some naive players are taken in by their lies... you know who you are and I'd rather not mention names. You are wrong. Speak to any of the trusted and faithful eSwiss players and you will find that they are not to be trusted... and by trusting them you have become part of the problem.

I urge you all to comment below. Either you believe me or you don't. Either you heed my warnings or you facilitate their hate.

I anxiously await your findings.