[Ideas for Plato] A Useful War Page

Day 4,574, 12:14 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Rory Winterbourne II

The current redesign is pretty bad, so here is a way to fix it.

The main concept is to turn each battle link something with useful information updated in real-time so you can watch multiple battles unfolding at once without clicking on them. You could watch multiple BH/SH’s from the war page.

The filters are surprisingly a good idea, but as usual are not fully realised. How about having multiple editable filter tabs on the same page.

Add useful filters like, division, damage, time, pending battles (probably tons more) and sort the results based on the filter. You could search for battles ending soonest that have below a set amount of damage as an example.

Maybe even add an individual player filter - that could make things very interesting.

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