[CP] Vat Tax 1%

Day 4,483, 23:48 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Greetings citizens of the eNetherlands,

as promised before the CP elections and during the term as well, the goal of this presidency has been to lower taxes for our citizens to acceptable levels, without putting our budget to any danger, keeping it above 800 000 currency per month (which is an amount necessary for our programs to fully function).

At the beginning of the term, we have lowered Work Tax to 1%, which lead to decrease of tax burden for our citizens. After several weeks of collecting data, we can now observe, whether or not this change was successful in terms of keeping our budget safe. And we can also observe, what effect would have another proposed change, which has been hinted at in the last CP article: lowering of VAT on Food and Weapons to 1%.


Lately, VAT tax has been a significant part of our income (atleast compared to the previous months), with various events going on and people buying stocks for them, and also some good house producers appearing on our market boosting income even further 🙂 . So let's imagine a scenario, where we would suddenly only have half of VAT income - and let's imagine a scenario, where we had no VAT income at all.

For easy grasp of the problematic, all necessary data are presented in one simple graph below. It contains four lines:

- Income from Work as Manager alone (= scenario with no VAT... + no other taxes or MM income)
- Income from VAT tax
- Income with 50% of VAT tax (= lower estimate of income, after VAT would be lowered to 1% on Food and Weapons)
- Current income with current tax levels

Also, a line for necessary daily income is highlighted, together with the day, when Work Tax has been lowered to 1%. I will let the graph speak for itself here:

Therefore I would like to officially use this article to start a debate to lower our VAT on Food and Weapons to 1%. I will post this article in the Congress message and on the feed, and after debate period, request the Congress to start a vote. And I count on your support to make this nation better for our citizens, by taxing them as less as possible!

Janty F
The concerned Country President of eNetherlands