US Troops in Bosnia

Day 4,401, 20:36 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
Today I have recommended to Congress that they vote in favor of our pending Bosnian airstrike. Our relationship with Code and Code member states has never stronger and they have requested our assistance in Bosnia. While the eastern Balkans have seen remarkable Code advances; with Turkey advancing into Romanian cores and Bulgaria’s cores completely wiped, Asteria has been trying to expand into Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cores, although FYROM’s cores still remain wiped by our allies. Bosnia is an ally that has been with us for most of eRepublik and our move to go there is supported by our alliance and the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Legend Funding
In my last article great American tank and patriot, Louis Clervaux wrote in favor of the need for additional support for Legend players. I wholeheartedly agree with Louis. While other countries spend the money they make assisting their players and providing for their needs, America continues to hoard a vast sum of money. The reality is, we have Legend XX players without packs, we have Legend and Titan *** players without tanks. This, I think is unacceptable. Using our ingame wealth to assist our players to rank up and become stronger eCitizens is the only way to go due to ingame mechanics, as no ally - on either side - can hit for us as much as our own citizens can, due to the mechanics of the Legend bonus.

I hope Congress steps up to the plate. With the creation of tokens, Congress can use USD to reward active players that advance our needs. I believe our current reserves are more than satisfactory and we should at least be reinvesting our entire monthly revenue back into the player base. However, I can only urge Congress to discuss this issue and hope that they act upon it. The Congress does have full control of the purse strings and I respect that.

President of the eUnited States of America