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Day 4,397, 16:37 Published in Switzerland Ireland by Sethesin

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"One of my favorite books is 'The Swiss Family Robinson.' The reason is, I'm fascinated by the post-apocalyptic recovery. What do we do in a disaster? How do we make do?"

Vint Cerf

One for All, All for One. Direct Democracy. We try fashion a nation of Federal City States that is as fair and democratic as it can get. That to me seems like Switzerland's answer.

I refound my passion for this game by joining the eSwiss Community. Meeting a new community of fair minded and practical folk has made me less jaded about the future of this game. It's made me optimistic.

I'm up on the podium for the December Presidency with thrakiwths55 and Tim Buctu, both of whom are great organizers and volunteers to eSwitzerland. My hat's already in the ring so I may as well vouch for myself.

Seth's eSwiss C.P Manifesto;

- Retain the status quo of our Immigration process
- Actively strengthen our bonds with Nebula nations
- Humbly respect both the elected Congress and Ministers of State

That's it, I think if we stick together remaining in total vigilance of our future we'll succeed.

Ádh mór to my fellow candidates!

Thank you for Reading!