Why Impeachment

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Some might argue self-interest. Sure I have an interest in the USA.

Lets recap what was left out of Rusty's monologue

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LOSE Wexford RW.
I asked the CP of the USA to send NE and Finland CP to attack asap.
Our allies think Greece can wipe Portugal before they land.

You see when I woke up I saw that our one allies the USA wanted to NE us. There was no discussion on why they wanted to do this. Is it necessary one might even ask considering THAT 2 of our 3 regions borders the usa

Cork - bordered by USA Maine
Shannon - Bordered by USA Maine

That as expressed by him they might be wiped totally with only 1 region left before they land.

That they are basically dominated and the ... of our allies and cry themselves to sleep when they think of code and the Asteria bed they chose to lie in.

That them landing with the whole of Ireland and their allies fighting against them is basically as likely as a snowballs chance in hell.

Where will they land though?

If they land though in either 2 regions the USA can NE Portugal.

Remember the reason i suppose the Cp wanted them to NE us is because I suppose then we have an ally that can I suppose NE PORTUGAL after winning a region against us and then NE them.

I say supposedly because nether was the motivation for his decision discussed beforehand or afterward.

It also seems that if their congress held off till after an airstrike target was locked in they could vote down the 1 proposal to wait and see whether Portugal landed in the one region they have a border with and then NE portugal.because the usa have only 1 route through us. Cork or shannon.

they could still vote through if the target was in another region.

what a difference one paragraph makes or what a difference I guess asking for the counsel of the 40 eejits that sits in your congress.

Maybe he could have added and hold back your vote till we see where the target is or delay the Ne with a few hours and then hold back till we see who is targeted. or delay to see whether the AIRSTRIKE proposal passes. Or their wiped or we see we are losing against them

YOU KNOW CP NEXT LEVEL TACTICS ON THE SCALE OF THE GREAT KRAKKEN the best dictator you all ever had.[whispers and dont deny this you know its the TRUTH] The only DICTATOR IN THE WORLD THAT EVER RELEASED HIS SUBJECTS FROM HIS OWN DICTATORSHIP [whispers go look it up in history books and shirt]

the USA need 3 more congressmen to vote.
lets see 3 2 clickers who never read the cp thread and we are locked in with a NE whilst the airstrike proposal fails.

So to enlighten those that might think its out of self interest. No my constituents told me krakken we place in you this duty to speak up and be heard and to help the government with your years of ewisdom . In short discuss stuff with us TOddler413
and for RUSTY who thinks I voted out of self interest 👻



AND now for our tortured children some music to rile them up in RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION AT THE actions of our callous noob level Cp before calming their innocent thoughts with some calm music so they can work hard in the quarries again.

Stranglers - Peaches
B52'S Rock Lobster
Nina Hagen - Naturtranë
Focus - Hocus Pocus
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers(starts with Don Airey solo
The Association - Windy
The Stranglers - Always the sun