[DICTRAKTOR FINALE] Magnets - How do they work?

Day 3,930, 16:25 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alfa UKSF

Hello everyone to the final installment of your one months forced subscription to dictatorship propaganda.

Sadly I have been gazumped by the sudden rush of articles into claiming the 100th article of the new dawn title but I get to console myself with a shiny true dictator medal and resume my previous self-appointed and I think now proven title of 'Saviour of the UK media'.

Tomorrow at daychange we will be looking to force a national bankruptcy.

This harsh sounding term is actually me donating the rest of our national cash into the Bank of England organisation (to which I do not have access) and thus the UK will not be able to afford the 'Dictator upkeep' cost and the dictatorship will end.

There is a small chance that the resource concession profits we receive will make us unable to do this as they are currently 'buggy' or erepublik may crash as we don't think this has been attempted before.

Our backup plan is to launch a liberation war in the morning that will succeed.

Cash owed from TW deals and dictator upkeep will be donated to the BoE in full and aside from being rigorously screenshotted for later proof this will consist of;

One 'rental' payment of 600,000cc
One 'upkeep' payment of a rounded up figure of 12,000cc x 30 days = 360,000cc

so, no I am not paying for the extra 2 days we had to tack on to the end of the planned period due to your vanity liberation attempt.

Well the big news is the above as far as most of us are concerned and this probably means a return to TUPocracy which means we're back to a land of broken promises, shift financial dealings and under delivery of programs leading into a couple of months of just plain inactivity where they won't even be able to cope with doing that.

Oh well! We hope you have enjoyed or at least participated in this piratical interlude and wish you all the best for the months of tedium ahead.