[CP] Claim Your Glory Again

Day 4,320, 07:56 Published in Ireland Ireland by doncroata

Hello Eire!

Firstly, take my apologises for taking so long until writing the first update, I wanted to finish off some things before putting them on the paper. Also, our MoC did a great job updating you all on the situation so there was no need to rush. We’re already in second week of my term and I’m pleased with how things were going. We made some moves and changes to adopt ourselves to the current state of the Republic.

First moves & decisions

Congress went into this term in a really constructive way. We’ve been discussing, debating and voting on many things. I really felt like everyone in there are looking forward to restore our former glory. We’ve quickly turned into a dull country after enjoying months of great activity and projects. However, I think we’re moving back to the better now. These first couple of weeks has been mainly a foundation of what comes next. We’ve organized situation in the country so the future steps could be possible.

We’ve been discussing things I’ve announced are going to be brought under the spotlight in my candidacy article. We had to build this country from the beginning in order to establish the Old Republic. Since Irish Army, Air Project & budgets are all highly connected I’ll dedicate a whole paragraph to this topic later. Things we discussed :

1. Irish Army & Air Project
2. Budgets
3. MPP’s
4. TW’s
5. Economy, bonuses, concession

When it comes to MPP’s we’ve decided to sign Montenegro MPP and add them to our MPP list where Australia felt lonely. We need more air battles without having to move since most of the time our battles aren’t providing one. This will save people money & time they spend on moving to fight in air rounds. There’s an option to add another MPP to that list, but for now we don’t need it.

Training Wars (TWs) are needed in every country. It enables our citizens that has legend ranks to get those bonuses into use. It also brings money from True patriot medals and gives us some strategic options. However, we have too many TW’s for our size and ability in ground. That’s the reason we’ve decided to end Japan TW. Since our TW partners asked us for some time to find themselves a suitable TW partner near our borders we’ve allowed them to stay for a few more days. They’ll be leaving this week and our TW with Finland will stop being a ping-pong and will become a full TW. Once we gather more ground fighters, when we get more people to fight for the glory of the Republic we’ll organize an extra TWs if needed.

There’s no country without a proper economy. As always, we kept our taxes on the minimum, enabling our producers to keep majority of the profits. Pollution is still very low in our regions so if there’s anyone who’d like to enjoy our 100% food & 70% wep bonuses feel free to move your holdings in here, or create them while you’re becoming eIrish. Our food bonuses has been much lower, but we’ve restored our concession with the USA who’s giving us three of their food bonuses so we can have what we have now. Thank you our big brothers!

National strategies

First, and probably the most important decision we made was to merge Irish Army with our Air Project. Our budgets are now merged too, so Irish Army and Air Project will share the 600k for a combined effort. I’m still waiting for the first financial update from Rusty, who just took over Air Project from aimeisan. Before continuing this article, I’d to point out how great this project is and how thankful we should all be to aimeisan for maintaining it for such a long time. It took a lot of resources, time and love for this country. So, thank you aim, you’re a true patriot.

Now when our two projects were merged we moved to the internal organization of the Irish Army. T0413 took over the Commandership and did the necessary things to get things started. Our Minister of Defence The Dark Goat became 2nd Commander and the other 2nd Commander is now Vincent Van Goat, he’s going to be in charge of promoting the MU. We have a great team over there, each of the leader has its on special skills and I can be only a big optimist when it comes to our national MU.

Almost all of our resources are being invested into the air mode of the game, it is our country’s strength and we’re going to continue to treat it as our main national strategy. We’re going to be especially focused on coordinated strikes and damage distribution in the near future. First out of two messages that includes our air soldiers has been created, the second one will be created today, or tomorrow and those two messages will include almost all of the fighting Irish that wants to be included. You may expect an article promoting the eIreland soon, this article will have the goal to bring some fresh blood over here and put some new energy into the Republic.

Problems & solutions

Our biggest problem is the lack of ground fighters. It disables us from having direct fights, we can only support our allies indirectly through coordinated strikes in air rounds. Sadly, it kinda kills a good parts of enjoying this game so this is a problem we’ll treat next. We have several strong tanks such as BiednyMis, Nerusia, Technician, moomoohead, Slua & Goats, however, we haven’t been able to organize ourselves together. Most of those strong accounts don’t have packs anymore which makes them much less useful in real wars than they would be with those packs. We’ll look into things and try to get people on the same table, it’s the big tanks who need to organize themselves to run this community into the big victories.

The other way to go would be a strong immigration push. There are plenty of players in this game who don’t really enjoy the game, but are afraid of the changes. Those who already have legend ranks dedicated to some countries probably won’t join us, but for all those strong Titans there’s still a place they can call home in here. We’ll try to get those who wants to participate in running this country, those who would love to call this place their home & those who will give everything they have to become Irish heroes. This country needs to be built again and we need some fresh blood to do it. Feel free to message me if you find yourself in this lines.

Don Croata