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My name is Szwierz but some call me Scooter. As you know- recently my country was betrayed by those who kept their independence thanks to my political decisions (and help of Polish allies). I wont mention name of person who is responsible for that, because his name sounds like shit to me. That's why I was forced to develop new nickname for this person.

Two days ago he printed article and used in it some very old screenshot to justify his betrayal. Weak deal. Epic fail. So I look through my discord logs to show my readers true face of this garbage person- this will come in future. This time I want to present something way more interesting- my answer to New World Order and few memes I created. Before we start- lets talk about new nickname of our own Benedict Arnold


To be honest for a moment I was fighting with myself about adding his slaveboy to the mix and creating cute couple of braindead sociopaths, but I could not decide which one of them is more dumb:

But then I realised. His slave boy was already CP and failed spectacularly. His presidency was epic fail of most powerful country in world. That's why I think we should consider...

Let me be clear: Poland went out of our way to save Australia. In return- they betray us. Stabbed us in our back. Pinky and Brain have sooooo many reasons when they trying to explain why they do that and why its soooo good that they did it- but truth is that: they lost all credibility. They lie. They mislead. They drag Australia reputation into the mud and they cant stand when people point it out. They cant stand that Poland and our allias are solid and unbreakable. They cant stand they we operate on loyalty and frindship- not on betrayal and backstabbing.

Some American destroyed Australia reputation two days after he took over office from president respected be EVERYONE in the world. Wither decide to put time ramification on G6 existance and we all agree to it. We act like proffesionals- 6 presidents sit down, talked, negotiated for few days and we work out plan. Bozo came, tear all apart and went off on rampage.

After what they done- no one should ever believe what Australian gov is saying and proposing. Gimp aka Pinky claim that they were winning war against USA when Poland joined. Well... whole world remembers it completely different. Gimp! My boy! Are you trying to rewrite history? Do you really think that one won battle means you won the war? Poland, Serbia and Macedonia SAVED you from annihilation. Period. oh wait! have this [del]BIIIG idea[/del] of new world order. Let me show you what we think about it

I cant imagine how Australians feel right now. Is it something like that? “F yeah- he saved us and now we will kill him. F yeah! We are awesome!”

I tried to read his trash article. What a garbage. Guy with ego bigger then world trying to justify why he act like lowest of the creatures. He took Australia from position of respected partner and feared enemy to the position of laughing stock of world.

I play those kind of games for more then decade. I never encounter this level of political trash and betrayal. EVERY deal and word made by those who stand on USA side- was broken by them. At this moment they have zero credibility. Zero.


This piece of s... probably thinks that he live rent free in my head. Yes! For the first time he is right! Moment he betray me was same moment I become his landlord. For a moment I allow him to live in cosy room, but soon enough I will step down from CP position, I will come to his rent free room, I will drag him to the moist, dark basement and rape him like Rotherham girls never saw it coming...


You wanted war. Oh boy! You will get it. Same as last time- this time it will be ON MY TERMS again. You can stick your ideas in A hole and set it on fire. We will do this war my way- not in battles, not with juices and weapons. But with words, pictures, logs, relentess stream of shitstorm coming your way and everybody who betray Poland.

Pax Scooter gave Australia and Poland iron. War Scooter will give Australia trolls, shit in papers, chaos on monetary market, sabotage in companies, disinformation on wall and hundreds other chaos inducing events. For days, weeks, months, as long as I find it necessary or I will be banned- whatever comes first.

You have no idea what you did when you betray Poland. You dreamt about Europe in fire. Be sure- minutes after I fulfill my obligations to Polish community- I will fulfill my promise and I will move to Australia to wreak havoc, destruction, disinformation, scandal and doubt. At the moment my only goal is to give Poles and our allies security, fun and room to grow. As every good president- I will fulfill my obligations and keep my word. Day I finish my term- my goal will be only to spread destruction and chaos in Australia. Be sure- you will not enjoy it. i will find the way. I will follow you everywhere you go. I will harass you. I will stalk you. I will tire you and take away all joy you find here.

I never operated on hatred. Now I will embrace it. And I will bring few friends with me. Sick, sick friends who love chaos, breathe disgust and spew venom. Every time you will log in- there will be new catastrophe waiting for you.

Welcome to my new world order.

Dear reader- how do you think. How we should call this couple? Gimp? Pinky and brain? Slaveboy? Puppets? Maybe you have some other idea how to describe people who betray those who save your life?

Rewards for best ideas!

PS I know you went crying to admins after first salvo of my little chaos spreading. You think that was annoying? You have no idea what is coming your way...

PS2 Something for iron lovers