This Invitation is Ours!

Day 4,316, 08:12 Published in Iran Turkey by Walpole

Beloved denizens of the failed-state of eIran

And unfortunate investors who made the grave mistake of relocating their companies into this failed-state.


I would like to address eIranian citizens and foreign investors residing in eIran in two seperate parts.

I have noticed that eIran has been under occupation of late, again. For more than 1.5 months so far this time.

Third time of being erased in past year, or fourth? I have lost the count.

It seems I was right all along when I was counseling your diplomatic representatives about sustainment of eIranian long term economic plans. (Ask them what I told them in our Telegram group meeting about a year ago.)

I was also right when I said in one of my previous articles: “You cannot simultaneously retain your territorial integrity (hence production bonuses) and behave like an aggressive mad-dog without any dmg power sustaining such behavior. You have to choose one or the other.

What was the reaction of Albus? Labeling it as blackmail and declaring that “Iran never bows, Iran never bends”.

It was not a blackmail at all. It was expression of a manifest fact.

As for the empty mantra that Albus likes repeating: here is my advice:

Things that do not bend are destined to break.

Far too long eIranian ruling class kept going like mad dogs while begging help from their allies and plundering your treasury.

Money has dried up.

Your allies do not care much about your misfortunes, exactly as I predicted and expressed in our conversations between eTurkish and eIranian diplomats more than a year ago.

Now for salvation, your ruling class as well as you regular eIranians have no option but rediscovering wisdom.

I don’t know whether you can succeed, but I highly doubt so.

In the second part of my article, I would like to address foreign investors still keeping companies on eIranian soil.

Hi guys o/

Perhaps you remember me.

I am the guy who lowered your tax burden by 50% by a single stroke of pen about 7 months ago.

Since then eIran dropped its shameful policy of forcing 2% work tax rate upon you.

No thanks required. Your silent yet heartfelt appreciation is good enough. 😉

Now as an old friend, I have an advice to you: Move your companies out of eIran.

In terms of investment prospects, eIran is as good as dead meat.

Erepublik Events calendar is full in upcoming months (Anniversary, black Friday, Christmas, etc) We all need to prepare for events. You too.

Don’t waste any more time by sitting on your hands and waiting for better days to come.

Liberate yourselves.

Get moving.

Move your companies to safe and high bonus places in where you can produce continuously with little to none interruptions.

And start supplying goods to the market to answer soaring demand approaching imminently close.

I think there are lots of CODE and ANDES countries offering suitable investment habitat (low tax+high bonus+security)

eTr is one of them.

I am leaving a table for you to check and use as a guide, in case you want to relocate.

Best regards,


The title of this article was borrowed from Nazim Hikmet’s poem “Invitation” penned in 1924:

Galloping from farthest Asia
and jutting out into the Mediterranean
like a mare’s head—
this country is ours.

Wrists in blood, teeth clenched, feet bare
on this soil that’s like a silk carpet—
this hell, this paradise is ours.

Shut the gates of servitude, keep them shut,
stop man worship another man—
this invitation is ours.

To live, free and single like a tree
but in brotherhood like a forest—
this longing is ours.

P.S. 2 Enjoy. o7