As the Rosy Pink Replacing Shitty Brown on the Map...

Day 4,090, 12:15 Published in Iran Turkey by Walpole

Beloved denizens of Greater Azerbaijan and Khorasan, euphemistically called as eIran.


Sorry for this long delayed article.

A week ago or so, when I was busy recuperating from a rather harsh cold and offline, you were quite cocky in your trolling activities against eTr.

Glad tidings of successive epic victories of Turkey and her allies against Iran since then ought to be felt bitter than poison for the perpetrators of referred trolling activities, I presume.

Don’t be too sad!

However twisted your perceptions might be, rest assured that rosy pink replacing shitty brown on the map turns whole eWorld into a better place for sure.

I should reiterate my congratulations to eTurkish government, people and her allies for securing this outcome.

That said, our victory or your defeat is not enough, as far as I am concerned.

I am personally offended by your trolling activities against eTr.

I have always thought that my reputation as the arch-troll of eWorld is a solid deterrent against any trolling activity against eTr.

Obviously, it was not as solid as I thought.

Imagine my disappointment. 🙂

Therefore, I am here to fortify and strengthen my reputation.

I will do that by teaching 3 lessons free of charge to you eIranians.

If you are perceptive and wise enough, you will take heed of what I say and use it to better your own standing. If you don’t, not because you disagree with what I say, but because I am the one who is saying it, well, then it’ll be your problem, not mine.

Let’s start, shall we!

LESSON#1 If the efficiency of stealing from the coffers of your own treasury was an instrument of gaining power, eIran would be the ultimate superpower of the eWorld. Unfortunately for you, it is not.

I am not talking about president A or President B or dictator C. Your problem is unfortunately epidemic among the members of ruling echelons of your eCountry. And, you need to stop it.

Justice is the main pillar sustaining the realm.

Public resources should be used for the good of public as transparent, just and scientifically designed as possible. That would bring your gaming community together. And unity you attain through it amplifies the outcome of your investments for raising your power projecting.

Funneling your public funds for the needs of Nader, or Y, or Z (whether those needs are game related or not, is a topic requiring an thorough and careful investigation) is futile and useless.

LESSON#2 You can't have your cake and eat it (you cannot simultaneously retain your cake and eat it)

Months ago, when I was in eTr MoFa team negotiating with eIranian representatives, I told them this: If Iran wants to be the economic hub of the world, she needs amiable relations with her neighbors.

I told them: Take a good look at the eUSA example of the past, and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Alas, my advice which I gave honestly fell into deaf ears.

And, here we are.

Bottom-line is:

You cannot simultaneously retain your territorial integrity (hence production bonuses) and behave like an aggressive mad-dog without any dmg power sustaining such behavior.

You have to choose one or the other.

LESSON#3 Giving without taking anything in return is something attributable to God Almighty alone.

Ask yourself what use you provide to rest of your allies.

Your dmg potential low. Your organizational capabilities are next to nothing. The role you play in your allies’ battles is insignificant.

You invite your allies to bring their investments to your soil, and then you rob them by enforcing 2% work tax on their companies.

Then, you behave like a mad-dog and put yourself into trouble, lose your bonuses.

Then you go to your allies and beg them to come to your aid and pull you out of trouble for the privilege of being robbed by your tax rates and for the lack of your military capabilities.

And it goes on, and on and on.

But, till when?

You don’t need to be a fortune teller to foresee that sooner or later your allies will start questioning your merits, if they have not already started doing so.

If these lessons I offer you are too long to read, allow me to give you much shorter version:

1- Use your brain!

2- Grow a pair!

3- And ask Albus to translate what Suleiman the Magnificent wrote to Shah Tahmasp in his letter in the following video. (Starts at 0:27)
If he doesn't, I am sure you will understand enough from the ambiance of the scene. 🙂


BONUS: Epartizan wants you to start memorizing this. 🙂