🚽 Weekly Challenge Simulator 🚽

Day 4,049, 11:55 Published in India India by Zordacz

Recently I saw an article with a graph showing the relation between energy bars spent in epic battles on Tuesday and their net gain/loss after the Weekly Challenge is over. Since everyone's situation is different, that graph may not be very representative. There are plenty of variables, e.g. active packs, houses, your level, companies, etc.

This is why I decided to use a little of coding magic and create the Weekly Challenge Simulator - a highly adjustable tool for optimizing your epic Tuesday tanking.

The default settings reflect my individual situation but you can set them as you like and get a permalink for future reference and sharing.

The simulator displays your final experience, prestige points, and net energy bars gained. You can also see the details - what the simulator does at particular hours. This may be helpful in planning your strategy or spotting errors. Let me know if you find any.

- Hits from energy bars have level-up energy refill added gradually as fractions. It's good for long term calculation but particular results may vary.
- The simulation assumes you begin with 2,500xp left to the next level - the average long term value.
- Level ups refill 90% of your health bar, because sometimes perfect level ups are missed.
- Overtime work is done all at once - it wouldn't matter if it were done every hour, anyway.
- Extreme company numbers (higher than your full hits can swallow in one go) aren't supported.