eRepublik Chess World Cup

Day 3,437, 04:46 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Napoleon Tibi

Hello eRepublik citizens from all over the world!

How I've told in the first article (Chess World Cup) with all the details Swiss will host the eRepublik Chess World Cup.

Now. In order to participate please comment with "I participate" and I will make a list with everyone that wants to play and will post it in another article 🙂.
You can subscribe if you want to be sure to catch the next article. Also please add me to friends.

Later I will post a basic Lichess usage guide, so it will be easier for us all when it will come to host it.

Sooo...Please comment, shout and announce everyone!
30th of April is the big day! 🙂
Don't forget to check the first article for all the details.

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