Day 3,413, 22:46 Published in USA USA by Dr. Ort Meyer
Boomers, come one and come all! How great it is to be back on American soil. I ventured to the Dictatorship of eChina over the course of the week. I was rudely ignored by the Dictator, trying to seek out an interview. Strangely, I got the scoop I was looking for: As I stepped down from the Palace after having guards threaten me, a random shadow face emerged from one of the alleys. He has chosen to be left anonymous, due to the regime. "Hello, I see you're not from here. You don't understand the corruption of our nation... Our nation has been ruled under dictatorship for too long. We wish to be free of oppression." stated the ANON. I was asked to grant him citizenship in the eU.S. with congressional powers. I shall do so when elected. Other than that, I am back in my Bay home sipping my tea, reading a copy of SFP's REBEL.

In today's news, President Derphoof had addressed his front line concerns with the war on eCanada. The war effort has been deemed, "Less training, more personal." The first affects of the war spawned on American territory. The Mall of America had been over ran by Canadians with hockey sticks. This prompted a battle for Minnesota, and the Canadians had taken over at first. The Americans had then taken over and strictly invaded the region of Alberta. Afterwards, the Canadians took back the providence with zero effort. The eU.S. decided to gloat in victory by conquering British Colombia.

In other news, allegations pointing to perhaps the election of March rigged by eCanada. "There have been reports that members of the eCanada’s government and spy agency (CSIS) had been in contact with Derphoof’s election team throughout this past election. There have even been allegations that Canada used its hackers to influence the election." stated by Exalted Druid. Though this is unclear, there is a pending investigation.

Source: Frontlines eCanada
Rigged Election?


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