[SFP] Every vote counts!

Day 3,413, 15:29 Published in USA USA by Citizen 8942290

Good evening America,

today is a great day: we are holding our fist true democratic Congress elections after dictatorship was abolished. What this means is that Congress members have a saying, not only on the meta-gaming forum, but in-game as well. They will all have their buttons, they will all be able to vote for or against proposals, following their own conscience, even earn their salary in gold.
Isn't that wonderful?

During this long struggle where we fought for the betterment of our society, for freedom and democracy, the pig disgusting elite was constantly frighting the general populace with a fake boogie-man called "hostile dictator". Almost a month has passed and there's no real danger in sight, no foreign power wanting to enslave us, no villains anywhere.
We have proven our point and it's obvious that we were right all the time.
Now it's time to go further!
The same clique that was leading us under a dictator's banner wants to rise the taxes. They've tried to pass a 100% tax increase two weeks ago, but they failed.
The argument for this was "national security". They were saying: give us more money so you can feel more safe. During the same time the last program, namely "Arm America", that gave something back to the citizens through a free weapons supply, was shut down. There is no national program to help people advancing in strength, no state sponsored weapon or food delivery system, nothing! Today, if we are attacked, we rely on a few military units, combat orders and allies, hoping they will get the job done.
We've missed to provide training ground upgrades to our new players, like other countries did and do, some of them even supply packs to their devoted fighters. We, on the other hand, are pushing only air-combats. Maybe this way we will one day have a decent air-force, but you cannot win campaigns without strong tanks on the ground. I would be the first one to vote for a tax increase if such state-financed programs would be accessible to every active citizen.
If we want to build our society we need to invest into our society. Tax dollars should benefit the many and not only be at the disposal of a selected few.

This is why Congress is important: Congress makes laws.

The Socialist Freedom Party is in many ways unique: our Congress candidates are elected though democratic primary elections, held on our Forum and we encourage young players to get involved in politics. We have a Constitution that emphasizes true values: freedom, democracy, liberty and cooperation with all that value these common principles.
Be assured that our representatives will always have the best interests of our country in mind.

So if you can identify with our views and believe that changes in our society are needed, that important matters should be openly discussed; if you do care about the future of the eUSA - vote for us!
Here are your future representatives, people you can count on:

Help us making America a better place, an open and free society, where everyone is valued, has the right to participate, to prosper and enjoy this game.
Let's shape our destiny together!

Your vote counts!