[THUNDER THOUGHTS] Volume VI Senior Journalist?

Day 3,407, 09:09 Published in USA USA by Dr. Ort Meyer
Hello Boomers, and welcome. This week has been exciting to say the least. I traveled to eBelgium where I met with the President. Needless to say, being in a bunker while the Latvian military was firing artillery was truly a moving experience. Well, I did come back to the states and found my permanent residency. I now live in Massachusetts, and I love the Bay area. I also heard our neighbors from the north are looking to invade? Training exercises or full out war? No telling. I will just continue to sip my tea and write here in the Bay area.

In today's news, the eU.S. and eCanada have seem to plan training exercises on the border. President Derphoof made the announcement on Day 3,404, the press report stated, "My dear countrymen, this is war with Canada. However, this is just a training war. A beautiful, troll-infested training war." This gives many the opportunity to go our for True Patriot medals and also Freedom Fighter achievements. The war stimulates the eAmerican economy and also adds a few more heroes to the bunch.
In other news, I had the pleasure to sit down with the eBelgium President and discuss the Lativian - Belgian War.

1) What is it like having your nation torn in war?

Because the war is for the Latvians a Training War, there's no real hostility involved. So more friendly then a proper invasion, and usually we always retain a region. The war started in January of this year, at the time I first became CP.

2) How long do you give the war?
Personally, I don't mind the war much anymore, and unless the good citizens of eBe or other interested parties want to end it I would let it run. It's some extra income from True Patriot damage, which is always nice.

3) What is it like leading a nation under these circumstances?

The nation is not so active. Media activity is very low to non-existent, the response on matters is also poor. Not complaining, Congress still does its job, but seems more relaxed and those that are still active seem to be at ease with the whole situation : the war, me as CP, the game itself.

4) How does it feel to be President?

Feels good, not that I have to do much (see answer 3). Because of the size of the population it sometimes feels more of a Dictatorship, with the upcoming changes that's one medal I will not get so easily. And to quote a favorite saying :
"The city of Antwerp and all the rest is parking space" ,a rough translation, but the RL Belgians will know it's meaning 🙂

5) Anything you would like to say to folks of the eU.S.?

Have spent some great time in ST6 there way back in time. From what I remember, we used to have a pretty good relation. But I do admit I went AWOL from the game for over a year, and only started playing again in December. A lot of things have changed, and relations have shifted a lot in the game as have people leaving countries or even the game. Still working at getting used to it all 🙂
Oh, and treat this lady with respect, I consider her to be a friend in this game even if
I'm a poor friend to have.

Source:Interview Director9
Training War


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