[PotUS] Training War of ReBroification

Day 3,404, 10:02 Published in USA USA by Derphoof


Before you stands a great and wondrous opportunity. It is an opportunity to both beat down and build up, at the same time. It is an opportunity to troll, and to befriend. Most of all for some, it is an opportunity for TP, BH, and CH medals by clubbing some seals.

My dear countrymen, this is war with Canada.

However, this is just a training war. A beautiful, troll-infested training war.

While you slug it out on the battlefield, Temubutt and I challenge you to write your best troll articles. We’ll pick the top articles, and award $2,500 to each winner.

So don’t just slug it out on the battlefield, beat each other with words in the media.

Now, this is the War of Re-Broification.

Last month, Exalted Druid and I had a chit-chat about relations going forward. After all, we’ve mostly been sane and reasonable towards each other for months on end. This month, in talking to Temujin, we both have decided that an MPP would be in our best interest.

Therefore, after the TW, we’ll be proposing an MPP between our nations.

This will result in glorious Re-Broification, if passed.

Following the occasional determination resets in Canada with Romania and Serbia, we’ll be able to hold TW’s, giving the US a semi-consistent flow of TP points and seal-clubbing.

This TW will start this weekend. Canada will be striking first, and we will to let them take Idaho. This will extend the war to a week or more, with RW’s to follow in Canada. We will help in RWs, if needed, and sign an MPP by the 30th.

Happy baby seal hunting!

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