Day 3,400, 08:36 Published in USA USA by Dr. Ort Meyer
This week has been a nightmare. I have tried to score an interview with the President, Derphoof. Well, after several calls to his office and me trying to sneak in, I had no luck what-so-ever. Anyways, I moved back to the eUK for business purposes. I will miss my small mediocre apartment in the D.C. area. I still intend to achieve the impossible though. I have been working hard and finally was recognized for it! Also Boomers, I would like some assistance with the JUNIOR JOURNALIST ACHIEVEMENT MISSION. I need 25 comments from 25 different people. News time? Alright!

This week we had the elections of the eU.S. Here are the final showings and statistics:

Derphoof - USWP 51.14%
bugbox - EZC's Apolitical Party 11.36%
fingerguns - Cocktail Party 22.44%
Radenko M Confront - Engage - Erase 3.98%
GoopyPants - NO Tax Party 11.08%

In other news, SColbert attacks the SFP and BSP. In an article published today, the infamous SColbert went on a tangent discrediting the Socialist Freedom Party and Black Sheep Party. "USWP once again succeeds where SFP and BSP fail! After years of rule by dictatorship, USWP leads the charge in removing the very thing that the so called opposition parties have made the centerpiece of the reason to support them. USWP proves that it is the party of action, as SFP and BSP continue spouting their empty promises. It takes real adults to pass serious legislation, and SFP and BSP continue to sit at the kiddy table." Also SColbert fired a direct hit on both Franklin Stone and Arrden. The BSP have not responded; however, Franklin Stone added, "So suddenly 'national safety' is no longer a concern? Because it will now cost 50% of the country's income with a minimum of 25 gold to maintain the Dictatorship 'national safety' takes a back seat to the purse strings. Since the SFP and BSP supported removing the Dictator. Plus the fact that anytime anyone from either party submits 'legislation' it gets ridiculed it was simply speeder to let the USWP do all the work. If I were a Fed right now I would be pretty upset that the USWP once again claims all the glory."

Source: The Attacks


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