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The aim this term in MoD is simple. Try to get a bit more interaction between us and the eUK community and units. Which is why we are starting a series of articles known in short as the eUK MoD tour!

Next stop on the tour was climbing aboard the Royal Navy!

I firstly caught up with one of the commanders Mick Cain

So Mick, How does the Royal Navy pass the time when sailing the seven seas?

Well we arise from our hammocks and the 1st thing is breakfast.Cornflakes doused in lashing of our finest navy rum....Nothing like it and everyone should try it at least 7 days a week.
Yeah i know what everyone is thinking...."cornflakes for breakfast".
If you think about it though the answer is obvious....You cant put rum on a full english now can you,that would be disgusting.

Midday the sun is over the yard arm.Time to break out the rum.This can be tricky when the seas are rough,we have be damn careful so none is spilled.We have it down to a fine art now though. Cut out the middle man,no glass.A sailor lays on his back and rum is poured into his mouth through a funnel in copious amounts.

Tea time its a toss up between the sailors.Which port to visit.The guys have women waiting for em everywhere.Gets a bit heated at times and tempers get overheated,but after a few tots of rum everything seems rosy again.

Evenings are fecking brilliant.After the rum has been distributed,we sail across the channel and fire broadsides at the frogs.White flags are raised before we even fire a shot haha.Dont know why but everything seems blurred by that time.Must be those damn cornflakes.
Then its a jaunty sail back to portsmouth for our late evening rumfest.This is when it really kicks off.Even the ships cat aint safe.

Said The Royal Navy.. Never

Are there any extras for sailors in the Navy?

We offer plenty of rum,but be aware.If you dont toe the line.You will be keel hauled and the rum rations will cease.

What do you think gives The Royal Navy a bit of an advantage over other eUK units?

We offer plenty of rum.

When sailing their way into a fight, what song would accompany the Royal Navy into battle?

What shall we do with a drunken sailor.
I think its because the guys like the "put him in bed with the captains daughter part"

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Did i mention we like rum?

I also asked members of Royal Navy to come up with 3 words to describe their unit, here were some of their responses:

So Describe Royal Navy in 3 words to me!

Periliouspanther: Best, Amazing, Fun
Rob the Bruce: Mick is Jesus
Terry Stricter: Sea, Ships, Sailors
samtheman1: Royal Navy rules
Mick Cain: Fantastic shipmates mate
Fatalix: Plenty of seamen (+1 for Fatali😵
Jorael: 'Sent some mate' See the phrasebook of Mick Cain for more cracking quotes.
Massacar Friendly, generous, dangerous
Carlini8 Seamen turns wars
Neil Lewis The team works


Glad to see the Navy is still the active friendly unit that I parted from, very organised with strikes and supplies, and they have rum!

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I will be hopping in and out of units over the course of the next 2 weeks, so keep your eyes peeled to get involved!

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