[TWO] New ACT member and New HQ

Day 1,998, 10:26 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello my friends and every TWO (and ACT) citizens

Well, time to write an article about our news. On this one, I won’t talk about a war summary (it will arrive later in the week). If I write an article on this day : it’s mainly because TWO has TWO excellents news for our citizens.

The first and main one is that we welcome a new member on our alliance. The second one is about our new HQ.

First of all, ACT welcomes a new member, the 7th since its creation.

When TWO was created, we added a smaller alliance : ACT which means Associate Countries of TWO. There, we began to welcome 3 countries : Estonia - Latvia and Venezuela. Followed by Thailand, Montenegro and Slovakia

Today, ACT continues its expansion. This member shares a long story with at least 2 ACT members. In 2011, they created a regional alliance called ABC (Alliance of Baltic Countries). Even if they were a small alliance, they always showed a great dedication on the battlefield and also shared excellent relations with our members. When ABC dissolved, 2 of these countries joined ACT.

Today on May 10, 2013 : We welcome the remaining of ABC into ACT : We are very happy and proud to welcome them on our side. So, Welcome Lithuania

For Lithuania, it is a logic move to join us, most of their friends are in ACT or TWO. All of our members who shared links with them know that Lithuanians citizens are very dedicated on the battlefield, ready to help other members of the alliance, … It’s an honor for us to see them in ACT.

Recently, they organised a referendum where it was asked if they wanted to leave another alliance and join us. Results were 85% of voters decided to join ACT.
If you need more informations,
Please read this article: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-cp-referendumo-rezultatai-the-results-of-referendum-2258561/1/20

Note about Colombia

We also must apologize to Colombia and to Spain; Talon made a mistake in accepting them when he did, because the Spanish CP Tritius was away on holiday. His government had said yes while he was away, but it turns out he rejected this decision. Here at HQ we respect the views of all our members, and would never add a country over their objection and so for now, Colombia remain our friends but we cannot add them to ACT.

On the same time that we welcome Lithuania into ACT, we also elected a new HQ.

Secretary General

He is well known and was already SG on last month, he is from eUK where he is almost a legend. 4 times UK CP, but also former vCP, MoFA, MoD and also MoF. He is a TWO founder and also a former SoFA. No need to mention more about him : Talon Karrde is our current Secretary General

His deputy is GregoryG

Supreme Commander

Not the most well known inside TWO sphere but he has experience for this hard job. On his eCV : we can see read that he is a former vCP but also 4 times MoD and also MoFA. If he is elected, it means that he is the best guy for the job, and our new Supreme commander is Fandarey

His deputy is Mr Cacko

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

I’m back as SoFA. Never easy to write things about yourself but I try. I’m former SoFA but also former UK CP, 6 times MoFA and 3 times MoD. Known in UK to publish lot of FA informations. It’s me Kravenn , back as SoFA

My deputy is Smoothziga

That’s all for today. During the following week, a war summary will be published but for now,

Hail Hungary
Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Slovenia
Hail Spain
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Thailand
Hail Venezuela
Hail Montenegro
Hail Slovakia
Hail Lithuania


TWO Secretary of Foreign Affairs