Res Belgica presents their candidate for CP of eBelgium

Day 1,927, 13:05 Published in Belgium Belgium by boer jan

Hi, I'm boer jan, currently Party President of Res Belgica and Member of the Supreme court.
And now I'm running for Country President of eBelgium.
My priorities: you can read them here
My team: is here

One day I wanted to see other fields and started to play eRep, I could not play under my real name, so I took the one of my owner.
This way "boer jan" saw the light on Dec 05, 2011 in eBelgium.
With my experience in agriculture I thought that the economical module was made for me, wrong idea, farming was even worse in eRep.
So I followed the footsteps of my (RL)grand-grand daddy "Jimmy 'The Sergeant'" (he got the Dickin Medal for bravery).

Seems that the army was made for me if I look at the results: 55 times Battle Hero (2nd most in eBe), 13 True Patriot medals and in the top 10 of best eBe fighters.

And yes I admit, I am not a horse but a donkey, so after rediscovering this myself (wow, mirrors are a great invention), I thought: damned, politics is made for donkeys, why am I not part of it?

This way I joined Res Belgica, became congress-man, Party President and now I hope to reach the sum-mum of this all, Country president.
Aware that even donkey's need a keeper, I decided to try something new, if I become CP I will run with a Co-President on my side.
This way my intellect will not be wasted but guided by someone who knows the dungeons of eRep,
let's say the "Merlin" of eBelgium, his real name is "MCKitkat". He has proven his loyalty to eBe, and is willing to stay in my shadow (logic, chocolate and sunlight.....)

presentation of the co-president:
Next article will present my priorities for eBe,
later on I will reveal my team for the government.