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How small can rhyme with strong

12 Day 2,415, 00:09 Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Last week the division 1 players of Stinging Be showed already that they can do great things when they placed … read more »

"Be free" is maybe the best choice

9 Day 2,401, 06:06 Belgium First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Recently a lot of political party's are showing off with new logo's and programs,
so we thought, what the hell, we are maybe the underdog but that is no reason to stay behind.


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the Evil Name

12 Day 2,326, 11:08 Belgium Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Once up on a time, there was a country very nearby where everything was dark and chill.
It's population was divided in two camps who were continue fighting against each other.
There was the side that made an encampment somewhere in the centre, … read more »

Congress is back

18 Day 2,318, 07:57 Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

We have a Congress

Some of the members have been there already, some not, some played the game ingame and aside on he forum

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let's vote for a free eBelgium

33 Day 2,295, 13:31 Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dear eBelgiens
Think it is time to present my candidature for the presidentials of eBe.
I know that some do not trust me yet, in the past more than one player faked his ideas to … read more »