GUIDE: First steps in eRepublik (VO: Part 1)

Day 1,888, 15:27 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education


Version française: Bases - Trucs&Astuces
Nederlandse versie: Rudimenten - Tips&Tricks

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Hello new Belgian citizens! My name is Yannis and I’m here to introduce you to this game. This guide consists of two parts, the basics and the tips&tricks, be sure to check both of them! If you have any questions, send me a message or go ask the community on the Belgian forum.


b.Resources and currencies

I will present you the eRepublik menu by starting with the blue bar on the top of the screen. Click on the house icon to get back to the front page any time.

Next to the house icon is a tab called “My Places”, there you can find everything you own. When you select it, you will see that it contains four other tabs. The first one lets you see the companies. It is where you will go to work when you get a job. In eRepublik, you can work for one company and own many of them, but more of that in the economy section.

The second tab shows your training grounds. There you can train to gain strength, which will make you a more powerful soldier. To train in a training ground, just make the portrait icon black by clicking on it and then click “Train”. You can only work and train once a day for every company/training centre, so come back often in order to grow strong! I advise you to only train in the free training centre to start with: gold may seem abundant because you level fast at start and gain gold each time you level, but trust me, keep it or you will miss it later on.

The third tab is your storage, where you will find every material you have: food, weapons, raw material, energy bars, …

The last tab is about rocket factories, nothing that concerns you at low level.

Next to “My Places” you will find the “Wars” tab, it will give you access to all wars in the eWorld

The next tab is “Market”, where you will find all ways to transact with other players. When you move your cursor on “Market”, you will see 4 options.
The marketplace is where you buy and sell stuff, mostly food and weapons. At start you will buy a lot, but when you will own companies you will start to sell as well.
The job market is where other players in the country you are in can propose jobs. You will work for their company and they will pay you. I advise you to check this section often and to always accept the best offer when you can.
The monetary market is where you can sell or buy gold for money.
“Companies for sale“ is where you can buy and sell companies, but that doesn’t concern you as long as you don’t own a company.

The following tab is “Community” , there you can have a look on the map of the eWorld to see where countries are at in their conquest of the world, go to the page of your party and military unit when you will have one, see the results of the last party/congress/presidential elections, consult the rankings, invite friends and find badges.

The last tab is about the pay-side of eRep, where you can buy gold and other stuff/boosts. Nobody in eBelgium will ever force you to buy something, so if you want to buy or not is your own choice.

- Energy, Food and Bars: Your energy is represented by the green bar at the left of your screen. Every work, train and fight action costs energy. Generally, doing your job costs 10, and managing & training costs 10 for every company/training centre. The most of your energy will be spent in battles.

The easiest way to regain energy is by eating food or level up. Food can be bought in the marketplace and eaten by clicking on the food icon next to the energy bar. There are six different qualities of food, and more qualitative food will be more expensive but will give you more energy back. Be sure to get the best quality/price value!

However, you cannot regain energy infinitely. The capacity of food you can eat has a limit of 500. When you eat some food, your capacity will raise for 10 energy every 5 minutes until it reaches 500 again. The only way to bypass this limit is by eating energy bars, which will give you 100 energy regardless of your capacity, but be cautious of when to use them because you don’t get them often (less and less the further you level) and you need to pay real money to get more.

Also, please notice that your bar will refill completely when you level up, which happens often below level 20.

Weapons & Strength: Strength is a statistic that you build up permanently by training daily. It will boost your damage done in combat and reduce the energy-cost of a battle according to your opponents strength. The military aspect relies heavily on strength in division 2 and 3 because bazooka’s become obsolete and you won’t have enough money to constantly loose rockets (all this will be explained in the next article).

A weapon increases your strength in a battle with a percentage bonus and thus also decreases the energy loss in a battle for several rounds. The higher the quality of the weapon, the more expensive, but the longer it will last and the higher the strength power-up will be. You can buy weapons in the marketplace, on the second tab next to the food.

-Money & Gold: Money is the amount you see on the left, with the flag of our country as icon. You can gain money by getting a job (and work every day) and sell stuff made by your companies. Money is needed to buy food and weapons yourself, but also new companies. You also have to pay to travel around the world, the price depending on how far you go.

Gold is a currency that is much harder to get. Gold can only be earned through medals, level-ups (1 per level, and after level 20 the level frequency drops down dramatically) and by buying it with real money $¥€. You can do a lot with gold, like building companies but also upgrading them, upgrade and use training grounds, start a newspaper, … I strongly advise you to keep your gold and to spend it very smartly, as you can do almost everything you need and it will always be one of the resources you lack in the game.

When you train, work or fight, it adds experience points to your experience bar. When the bar is full, you gain a level. Level-upping will restore all your energy and give one gold bonus. Levels are used to estimate your general eRep influence, strength and experience and it also acts as boundaries for divisions in the military aspect. For instance, once you reach level 25, you will be sent from division 1 to division 2, where people are stronger and deal more damage. Also note that you will level up very fast until level 20, but be prepare😨 once you reach level 20-21 you will need several days/weeks to gain another.

When you click on your name or the name of another citizen, you will be redirected to the player’s profile. This page will tell you everything about him: his level, strength, his nationality and in which country he resides at the moment, military rank, his ranking, the Military Unit/Party he belongs to and perhaps his role in it if he has one, his newspaper, but more importantly: the medals. Those are the most reliable way for a non-paying player to get gold, and you should primarily focus on these. Also please note that you can do a lot on your own profile, like deciding to move to another country, change nationality (but has to be accepted by the country you wish to join, which is not easy to get), to start a newspaper (at a cost of 2 gold) and edit your profile, which includes your profile message, the name change functionality and much more.

This is the end of our guide about the basics of eRepublik. Please check the next article to have some advanced tips and tricks to survive in the eWorld and develop yourself to become a strong citizen carrying his/her country. If you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to PM me or any other experienced Belgian player. Also, you can register to the forum or IRC for even MORE help. You can also ask for a citizen pack daily on the forum with weapons and food.

May you carry Belgium to victory
and may Belgium bestow you with eternal glory!

Yannis de Leeuw,
Belgian Minister of Education

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