[Beta] External: War & Peace

Day 1,872, 13:09 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

Hello and welcome to the foreign side of my manifesto! If you missed it, you can see my announcement article by clicking here and my domestic manifesto by clicking here! This is my manifesto where we will be looking at the two ministries not domestically based; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence!

To start, I will be talking about the Ministry of Defence and their role in the coming month. I’ve also spent a lot of my time in eRepublik in the eUK Military, especially in my early days. Something I was fortunate to see that many have not was the Royal Navy (not to be confused with the Royal Navy that is ran by Garth at the moment). Everyone that was in the Navy that are still around now will say more or less the same thing about it, that it was one of the best times they’ve had in this game. Of course, there is a level of rose-tinted glasses to it, the Navy was not without its problems, but one of the things it excelled in was also the key reason it was so fun – the community. Now I’m not going to come here and say I will bring back that level of community again, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I do think it’s about time we make an attempt to start the process to bring back that level of community across the board and the Military Units of the eUK are a great way to do so. You don’t have to be an expert to see there is no sense of community in the military now. Additionally to this, however you regard what happened with the Azores recently, you cannot deny just how fun it was. War is central to this game and I’d like very much for there to be some during my tenure. Nothing improves retention like a good old scrap! Not only this, but it gets more people involved with the Ministry of Defence which means we see more and more new players rise through the ranks and become great politicians.

One of the main talking points the past term (from both sides of the Irish Sea) is the disastrous diplomacy that has happened that had to be sorted out by Talon Karrde, who is in the HQ in TWO and the MoFA team of December. So what we need is a clean slate. At different times we have been in the bad books of Ireland, Belgium, CoT and our own alliance and this is simply unacceptable and 100% down to the current CP not carrying out agreements he himself accepted. To quote the deputy President for the term:

“When have I claimed BA's term as a success? When have I stated I support him for another term? His cabinet saved his ass and the eUK ending up in a truly disastrous place, along with Talon on xmas day, when he went on his drunken rampage and Belgium failed to understand game mechanics and got all butt hurt. Ireland was a complete f*ck up, every one knows that. Our neighbours are more pissed off with BA then the eUK and thus have pulled support for his remaing tenure, I hardly see it as a national crisis. Simply confirming my believe that BA has had his time in the sun...”

Simply said, for the sake of our diplomatic position in the world we cannot risk another term like that. It’s not up to the Foreign Affairs team to fix the relations damaged by not being trustworthy, but rather to maintain bridges we’ve spent so long putting up. Over the next month I think we need to repair the damage done. We need to return to building relations with Ireland. We need to mend things with CoT. But not everything needs to be on concentrated on repairing what’s happened, there are one or two blossoming friendships elsewhere in the world. A couple of these is are Australia and India are both nations that look to have a promising future and I think it wouldn’t be a waste to put some effort into opening communications with them.

The political geography of our neighbours is potentially about to shift too. With two new countries possibly about to join CoT it is all the more important to increase relations with the alliance. Alongside this we should also be quick to increase our relations with all the countries within our own alliance. It is very important to keep our relationship with the alliance in good knack so that should we be under threat, they will come to help us. In return we need to be the best allies we can be. We need to support them when they need us, and even sometimes when they don't really, and that applies to both TWO and CoT. If we are able to become reputable and trusted then it'll only prove to make the eUK a so much better country from other countries perspectives.

Cabinet applications are now open for business! If you have any interest in any of the positions below, please message me in game or on the forums with what position you’d like, why you’d like it and any information you think is relevant to your application. Everyone is encouraged to apply, even if you don’t get the main job I’ll find somewhere for you on some level.

Most positions are filled but if you still would like a job as a deputy or something then please PM me saying so!

Thanks for reading!

Presidential Candidate