[MDP] And Rolo Nowhere In Sight

Day 1,850, 19:10 Published in Canada Canada by Muglack

As some of you know there's been another theft in eCanada.

Recently the gold holdings in the Org that was used to fund our MUs have been stolen and no one knows who did it, or where they went. This of course leaves us with a great quandary. Not "who would do such a thing" but rather, "How did Rolo do it?".

Let me explain.

For the past 3 months we have been told by a certain group of political parties, for simplicity's sake let's call them the "Axis of Boredom", that the people of eCanada need to support them because it's the only way to keep us safe from the monsters that hide under our beds. They told us that if we didn't elect them they wouldn't be able to protect us from the evil Rolo and his dastardly Coalition who's only reason to exist was to steal the country's treasury and make off with all of our hard won gold. So people did just that.

They voted for the "approved candidate" of the Axis of Boredom for 3 months in a row. In those 3 months we saw our MPP stack wiped, we saw our treasury dwindle, and we saw ourselves completely removed from the map resulting in no Congress for the month of November.

Yet still they held up a picture of the boogieman and told you, "Vote for us, or the worst will happen!" and still the people of eCanada supported them.

They supported the PTO of independent parties under the pretense of removing a threat. They campaigned against and maligned players that were unwilling to bend to their pressure. They used rumors and assumptions to hand out labels that undermined the people who they accused of doing the very things they attacked others for not aiding them with. "It's ok that we do it, because we're not them" became a common sentiment.

All of this under the assumption that the eCanadian people needed to be protected, and saved. They did what they did because if they were in power we wouldn't be victim to the most base of trespasses that can happen in this game. With them in power we would never have to worry about a theft.

Well guess what. They were wrong.

4 days ago eCanada was robbed. 199 Gold has simple vanished. Reports are coming forward that people saw the gold offers on the monetary markets, but at the time didn't put the pieces together. I was approached today by 3 different people asking if I knew anything, and if Congress was already talking about it.

I told them it was the first I heard. No one has brought it up in Congress, and as far as I know no one has been given a single piece of information from the President.

But none of that really matters. The money is gone, we probably won't get it back. At this point it's fruitless to point at individuals or single players and demand retribution or answers.

A password was stolen, or went unchanged, and someone lacking the most basic of morals took advantage for their own gain. It happens. It's why all of our doors have locks on them. Sadly it's a fact of life.

But maybe that "Axis of Boredom" which promised so much and has delivered so little will finally be shown in the light some of us have seen it in for a long time.

Building your success and justifying your actions the way you did is not acceptable in the least. I hope that the general public will finally see you for what you are. Fallible, imperfect, and in many ways more guilty of the crimes you lay at the feet of your victims then they are.