[Moe/BEA] Markets 3|6

Day 1,797, 11:29 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

The original article was published in eSwitzerland by Hoffman12, eSwiss minister of education and population. The article is a great guide and I coordinated with Hoffman12 to republish the article in eBelgium. So big thanks to Hoffman12 because now we can see this guide article in the eBelgian press. If you are interesting to translate this article in French, Dutch or German contact Gyantse. The original article we split on 6 part which will be published in this newsaper. Have fun and hope you will learn a lot from this.
Link of original article: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/swiss-minister-of-education-and-population-tutorial-2134114/1/20

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You have no more food and weapons in your storage and you desperatly need some? The marketplace is made just for you.
First of all you need to click on “market” and following that on “Marketplace”

Photo 6a

Photo 6b

The market place contains several things that you can buy.
Food – Weapons – Moving Tickets – Food raw Materials – Weapon raw materials – Companies (Hospitals and Defence systems are only available for the country president)
- Food : they are used to restore your health
- Weapons : they are used to make more damages on the battlefield
- Moving Tickets : they are used to move to another region (but they are almost useless now, so do not buy them)
- Food Raw materials : they are required to create foods
- Weapon Raw materials : they are required to create weapons
- Companies : “things” that you use to create products
Also, I will not talk about Hospitals and Defence system here, Only the country President can buy them.

Products and quality
Well, finished products (like food, weapon and moving tickets) are divided into several qualities : from Q1 to Q7 (except Moving tickets to Q5)
Highest the quality is, highest the product is, more it cost.

About foo😨 a Q1 food will give you back 2 health, a Q2 food will give back 4 health, … till a Q7 that give you 20 health.
Small tip: before buying food, think to compare the price for 1 health, sometimes Q5 food can be cheaper than a Q3

About weapons: a Q1 weapon will increase your damage with 20% and can be used 1 time, a Q2 weapon will increase your damage with 40% and can be used 2 times, … till a Q7 weapon that will increase your damage with 200% and can be used 10 times.
Small tip: Even if the price is different, you will make more damage by using a Q6 weapon than 6 times a Q1 weapon.

Raw Materials like Food Raw materials and Weapon ones have no quality: products sold on the market are the same

Buying a product
How to buy an article? Well, once you are on the market place (remember that you need to click on Market and Marketplace), you will see this:

Photo 6c

Photo 6d

Lower quality (Q) is always on the left side of bar. Select an item you want to buy, insert quantity you want to buy and press BUY button next to it.

You will buy items using your money (currency) but there is also unique and universal “money” on eRepublik. I am talking about Gold (yes, same gold as before). The gold is one of the currencies of the eWorld and also the most important one. Many things can be bought via Gold.

Gold is useful for the following things:
- Buy a company
- Create a newspaper (2 Gold). Attention, you can’t remove a newspaper)
- Use some training grounds (Not the best idea for a young player to pay for train)
- Use Health pack (not the best idea for a young player too)
- Create a political party (40 Gold)
- Upgrade your company

You will gain Gold by the following ways:
- Win a medal (5 Gold per medal)
- Raise your experience level (1 Gold per level)
- Invest your real life money into the game (not the best idea in my opinion)
- Exchange your Local currency into the monetary market to gold
- Sometimes as a reward of missions

We have learned how to get gold on eRepublik and now it is time to learn how to get money (local currency).

Published by Hoffman12 in eSwitzerland, adjusted for eBelgium by Gyantse

Minister of Education of eBelgium