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Day 1,795, 10:21 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

The original article was published in eSwitzerland by Hoffman12, eSwiss minister of education and population. The article is a great guide and I coordinated with Hoffman12 to republish the article in eBelgium. So big thanks to Hoffman12 because now we can see this guide article in the eBelgian press. If you are interesting to translate this article in French, Dutch or German contact Gyantse. The original article we split on 6 part which will be published in this newsaper. Have fun and hope you will learn a lot from this.
Link of original article: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/swiss-minister-of-education-and-population-tutorial-2134114/1/20

After doing several things, you will lose health. But do not worry; there is no problem to regain some. You just need to eat some food. How? That’s very simple: Click on the button “Recover Energy” on main page.

If you used your limit and have still some energy bars the button will be orange. If you do not have food in your inventory, the button will be green with text “Buy food”. Click on it, you will be redirected to the market.

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Now it is time to learn something more...

When you click on your name on main page you will be redirected on your profile page. Speaking of which, it has a lot of your information. Here you can see what level you are, how many experience points you have, you can see who your employer is, in which Military Unit you are, you can see list of your friends here and so on. You can also change your residence place or your citizenship (CS) here. Probably the most important thing is strength bar. You get strength with daily training. The bigger your strength is, the bigger is your influence in battles. Another thing is achievement (or medals). Every medal gives you 5 gold and for every medal you have to fulfil requirements. When you get 250 strength points you will Super Soldier Medal for example. Hard Worker medal is yours when you work 30 days in a row, Battle Hero battle is yours when you make biggest influence in battle and so on. You can find out what you need to get particular medal by moving a cursor over it. On your profile you are able to access to your newspaper if you have one or to create it if you do not have it yet. Creating newspaper costs 2 gold and it cannot be deleted. When you have your newspaper you are able to write your own articles by clicking on your newspaper and on “Write an article” on the page that appears.

At the top of profile page is your name and to the right there is a button using which you can edit your profile. Explore all the possibilities to learn about them. Give it a try.

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You have learned something about your profile, but the point is, that every citizen has its own profile page. Here is a box using which you can find other players on eRepublik. This search box is above “Community” tab at main bar. When you insert a name or particular word in it, press enter and eRepublik will search for all players with this word in their names. Click on a player nick to access to its profile page. Players profile page is almost the same as yours. Only difference is on place of “edit profile” button (other player do not have it). On the same place here are three buttons. In the left is button “add/remove friend”, in the middle is “Send message” and in the right is “donate”. Sending a message is a way of communication here on eRepublik. It is based on the same principle as at many other games. Donation can be made between players. You can donate food, weapons, tickets, money and gold (“only” 10 gold per day). If someone needs help it is nice to help him, because you never know when you will need help.

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Published by Hoffman12 in eSwitzerland, adjusted for eBelgium by Gyantse

Minister of Education of eBelgium