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Day 1,793, 11:26 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

The original article was published in eSwitzerland by Hoffman12, eSwiss minister of education and population. The article is a great guide and I coordinated with Hoffman12 to republish the article in eBelgium. So big thanks to Hoffman12 because now we can see this guide article in the eBelgian press. If you are interesting to translate this article in French, Dutch or German contact Gyantse. The original article we split on 6 part which will be published in this newsaper. Have fun and hope you will learn a lot from this.
Link of original article: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/swiss-minister-of-education-and-population-tutorial-2134114/1/20

eRepublik is online game like many others so you do not need to download something, you just need Web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome…).

eRepublik offers you to do whatever you want. You can have your own factories of food and weapons, you can write your own newspaper, help your country on the battlefield. You can be a part of political life too. In politics, you can be a member of a political party, party president or even a country president. You have great possibilities here!

But to understand the game and to become a great player, warrior and politician you have to learn some basic information about it. I believe that everything seems so complicated now. Believe me, I was confused too. But when you learn some information about game play everything becomes easier.

So, if you want to learn something just follow this article and I will present you the game.

Let’s start:

This is main menu page, your basic page, your approach to other pages. You access to this page when you click on eRepublik logo above.

Photo 1

Number 1 = Info about your citizen with your avatar, the country where you live, your current health, your money, missions that you have not yet finished (missions are great way to get some money, strength, energy bars or even gold as a reward), current mail unread, current alerts and log out button
Number 2 = The current daily order of your military unit
Number 3 = Current military campaign and the Country president (and only him) and choose the most important military for the country
Number 4 = Newspaper module
Number 5 = Your feed where you can read message from your friends, your military unit and your party
Number 6 = Main bar on eRepublik with accesses to “My places”, “Wars”, “Market”, “Community” and “Gold and Extras”. When you move your cursor on any of them new menu appears. Explore!

When you start your life on eRepublik you are level 0, with no experiences. Now it is time to evolve, to develop and to become great player. The main things that you will need to do at that time are: Working, Training and Fighting. You can do this with using your energy lots of other names: food, health, wellness, well, HP...). You get 10 energy points every 6 minutes, whether are you online or not. At the beginning you will be able to “store” small amounts of energy, but later you are going to be able to “store” up to 500 and more energy points at the time. The residence gives you a limit on health that you can stock. This limit can be between 100 and 500. Every new citizen begins with limit at 100 energy points. Each hour, you can restore 100 health (10 per 6 minutes).

The maximum energy for a new citizen is 100 and will increase with 20 at every level up until level 21. At level 21 a citizen will have a maximum energy of at least 500. After level 21, the maximum energy can be increased by purchasing an Energy center. Note: When you advance to a new level maximum amount of energy is restored.

At level 1 the citizen has a maximum energy of 100.
At level 2 the citizen has a maximum energy of 120.
At level 11 the citizen has a maximum energy of 300.
At level 12 the citizen has a maximum energy of 320.

When you reach your maximum you have to use your energy (with training, working, fighting) or it will not store anymore (until you use existing energy).

It is very important to get your experience points because with higher level you are able to access to new features on eRepublik. Find out more:

Photo 3

There are several ways to receive these points:
- Working (2 Points)
- Working in your own companies (2 points per company)
- Training (2 points per training)
- Finish your daily task (1 point)
- Fighting (1 point per 10 energy points used)
- Vote on elections (5 points)
- Winning congress election (20 points)
- Winning country president election (50 points)

If your health is low use some food or buy some on the market place (»Market« tab on main bar) NEVER use health pack Their cost is huge (especially for a new citizen like you). Sometimes, you will receive “Energy Bar” (thing that fill your energy with 100 energy points). You can use them but it is better to do it in an important battle.

Health is one of the most important things in the game. Its number is always between 0 and your maximum that varies.

With your health, you can do several things like Working – Training – Fight – Working in your own companies,

You lose health by making the following things
- Working (you will lose 10 health)
- Training (10 health lost by training grounds that you use)
- Fighting (10 health lost, each time that you work on the button “fight”)
- Working in your own companies (10 health lost by companies where you work)

You gain health by making the following things
- Eating
- Using hospitals by clicking on the small icon when there is one available (Take care, it is harder to find one these days)
- Using energy bars: if you restored your health to zero (you used your current limit), you can restore 100 health points by eating an energy bar. Also, you are not forced to eat them when you receive one, it is better to keep them and using them at a special occasion (like an important battle).

Published by Hoffman12 in eSwitzerland, for adjusted fr eBelgium by Gyantse

Minister of education of eBelgium