[SC] - Trial of ShadowUKCS - Verdict

Day 1,669, 08:53 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

"With regard to the theft of national assets by shadowukcs, the court finds that, since shadowukcs has clearly failed to repay his loan and has publicly stated his intention not to pay the interest or the fines previously agreed upon by him at the time of the loan, there is no need for further investigation or trial. The court, therefore, finds shadowukcs guilty of theft of national assets and judges that the following penalty should be imposed.

Until such time as shadowucks repays at least the entire principal of his loan and makes a public apology for his actions, his access to the national forum will be limited to that of a guest, regardless of his in-game citizenship. The only exception to this is if he should be named as an ambassador from another eNation, he will be given ambassadorial access. In addition, a statement of the penalty and the reason for it will be made in a government newspaper.

It is further noted that the matter of the BAF MU was not taken into consideration except as it bears on the general attitude of shadowukcs to the rights of the eBelgian community. If High Command still wishes to take this into consideration, it will be addressed separately."


Published by the eBelgian Government on request of the eBelgian Supreme Court.