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1V, a new PP and the future...

Day 1,885, 02:07 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by T White II

Day 1,885

Hello 1V members!

As LongShotzZ is now PP he has designated control of “The Official 1V Paper” to me, T White II.

A reflection of Joshua Whelan’s term:

Joshua Whelan was a very modest PP who had the parties best interests at heart. The first hurdle for One Vision was reaching the Top 5. To reach the top 5 meant over taking UKRP, one of the oldest parties in the eUK. They did not want to give up their hard earned spot, but after a few hours of “leap frogging”, we settled into the Top 5 parties. However, we were not content with just 5th place. We want 4th place and get it we did. As we broke the century mark [in members] we also over took ESO and became the 4th best political party in the eUK.

In December our first congress election took place, we managed to get a very good number of seats, 5, and we now participate in the running of the eUK congress. In the congress elections this month we hope we will gain the same, if not more, number of seats than in December. Good luck to all those running.

The Future:

LongShotzZ is a highly active member of 1V and will make a great PP. He has written our wonderful paper and organised various competitions.

The party is also planning to start a recruitment team, so any members who wish to participate, just message me.

I also advise members to watch out for a new mentoring scheme……..

I wish LongShotzZ and the party on a whole the best of luck.

Spokesman of One Vision


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,885, 02:11

Good luck mate

Cakradara Day 1,885, 05:10


LongShotzZ Day 1,885, 07:45

Thanks T White, good luck with the paper 🙂

jimmystar Day 1,885, 16:09

Good job t white. 🙂

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