[Presidential Update - Day 1590] The Indienesian Empire

Day 1,590, 13:53 Published in Philippines Philippines by Mr aNiallator

Hello Citizens,

As I mentioned in my previous article, the Philippines has gone to
war with Indonesia. It has turned out well in our favour with us winning Sulawesi quite easily from the Indonesians.

This is a glorious moment in the history of the ePhilippines. We have spent many years as the underdog in wars with Indonesia and to finally beat them it's a David and Goliath moment. I feel this war is also helping us to bring our nation closer together with much more co-operation happening between the parties and MU's, thanks Zlesti and Eldarion o7

However despite lots of effort from many Filipinos, our victory is undeniably down to our allies of whom are too numerous to name and who did it out of compassion for our cause, or hatred of the Indonesians 😛. Malaysia and Singapore also deserve a huge thank you for combining with us to gangr*** Indonesia risking their own security.

Thanks to all our allies who took the time to fight for us, I really value your support o7

Due to these recent developments, I claim Sulawesi in the name of the Indienesian empire. Her royal kittyness Indielfi will proceed to make he palace once the rest of the regions have been taken.

Thank you for reading,

President of the Philippines

NOTE:I will supply all Filipino citizens with q6 weapons to fight if the message me