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Day 1,316, 12:13 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

I would like to start with a nice issue: Medals!
Latest weeks we got a decent amount of new applications for medals. I will show some of the highest medals awarde😛

Willems Orde,


Oranje Nassau,

Luuklag, for beeing a long time moderator at the forum.

fryskienne, for posting informative and objective information article on congress elections, which will help benefit new players understanding of the game

Nederlandse Leeuw,


It was a pleasure to me to award this people, and I hope I can award more people upcomming weeks!
*for more information about the medals take a look here
*you can find a overview of all medal receivers here

State secretary Jacob van den Guldenweege fired
Last week I decided to fire Jacob van den Guldenweege from his position as state secretary MoF due his behaviour that we cannot expect from a government member.
He got a warning at the first time, but after a second incident I directly fired him, without consulting anyone else about this action. Please blame me, and no others 🙂


Our situation isn’t improving anything latest days, as Poland and their alliance (ONE) still dominate the world map. The government, and a lot of other citizens outside the government are working silent, but hard to have a awesome army ready at the day we can fight the evil Polish.
I am happy to see a lot of people want to put effort on this and one day we will march to warshaw 😉

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