17th May! Free Food For Everyone!

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Happy 17th May - Norway's National Day! 🎉

Fellow citizens of eNorway and eRepublik!

Today, we come together to celebrate one of the most significant days in our nation's history - the 17th of May, Norway's National Day! This day commemorates the signing of our constitution in 1814 and is a symbol of our independence and democracy!

I have written about it before: Happy 17th May - Food for Everyone!

But this year, I thought I’d include some (fun-not-so-fun) facts about the celebrations themselves:

When the constitution was signed in 1814, celebrations began spontaneously among students and others. However, due to Norway still being under a personal union with Sweden, the king did not approve of this (it was seen as revolting against the union) and the celebration was banned during the 1820s. On 17 May 1829, there were skirmishes between Norwegian demonstrators and military forces that caused outrage in Norway. After this, the Swedish King was forced to allow the celebrations.

Starting in 1833, there were more official celebrations with public addresses, and in 1864 we began the Children's Parade, which has become a central and symbolic part of the celebration!

In 1905, Norway became fully independent, and we were free to celebrate however we wanted.

During Nazi occupation during World War 2, the celebration was again banned. It was strictly forbidden for Norwegians to celebrate in any form or even wear clothes with the colors of the Norwegian flag.

When World War 2 in Norway ended on 8 May 1945, the Norwegian flag became a strong symbol of Norway's freedom, and the 17th of May celebration took on an even deeper meaning.

To this day, we still celebrate with Children's Parades, speeches, and so on, but most importantly, lots of hot dogs and ice cream!

Celebrating in eRepublik

In keeping with this, I have a special tradition here in eRepublik. To mark this day, I will give away food to everyone.

How to Get Food :

Leave a comment below to join our own little parade!

Each participant will receive some Q5 food (Q6 for eNorwegians). Spread the word and invite your friends to join in!

As you can see, Q5 food consists of lots of hot dogs and ice cream, and Q6 consists of even more hot dogs and ice cream!

Let's make this celebration a memorable one!

[Some ChatGPT was used for inspiration and polish, but i did write it myself! ]