Friendly Fire in the War on Terra

Day 1,252, 11:13 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mr Woldy

To the People of the United Kingdom, Terra, NWO, and any other entity which I've forgot to mention,

I come to you today under some very difficult circumstances.

Over the last three days, we've seen a growing issue within our own alliance, which is near and dear to our Ireland has boiled over causing conflict between those of us who have been elected to lead the United Kingdom, and those of us who want to try via their apparently huge apparatus to lead the United Kingdom.

(On a side note, I’d like to know where said apparatus gets his information from, because it looks to me like he’s been lapping up EDEN propaganda like there is no tomorrow. Contrary to what he claims, he sure hasn’t asked me for our perspective - but drug abuse messes your mind like that.)

A few months ago, we went through some kind of change of heart, at least on the outside. We tried to make things work with those who would try to accept us based on our current standings, rather than that which we had built over the last two years. While keeping some traditional allies in eRepublik terms, we also made some new friends. Over the the last two months, however, we have found that those new friends don't particularly care for, nor support what the Kingdom wants or needs. As we continue, day in and day out, to fight for friends via MPP, Resistance War, and using every bit of damage we have, our desires have come without fruition. We basically have been told to get in line, shut up, and hit the button.

Well, much like Japan, which was attacked by EDEN for no reason, we're not going to take that lightly. Even during a time which people from the UK directly led the Alliance, we were still ignored. Every move we suggested, every chance we took to try to improve our own country was looked upon with disdain from those who were supposed to support us.

Today, we announce that we will no longer be treated as second class citizens. We've been more than willing to lay our damage, money, and time where it was needed, but will not do so while others are so quick to not only make us out to be bad guys, but do so while supporting others which have no direct links to our own alliance.

The United Kingdom will, effective today, be leaving the Terra Alliance. We wish all our brothers around the World the best of luck, and we will use this time to make our own path forward. We have solid friends in many countries, from all Alliances, which we'll once again re-establish those bonds to move forward. Our friends and brothers in France, Germany, Brazil, and Argentina know, as they have known for the last two years, that they can count on the UK in their time of need, just as we know we can count on them.

To Ireland, we declare to you that this is not over. Canada cannot shield you from what you have earned over the last two years, through your treachery and deceit. You might have fooled those who have the intellect and savvy of a 5 year old girl, but you do not fool anyone with an honest view of what you're worth to any real country.

While I'm sure that this will get the attention of those across the pond, let me outline, once again what is happening:

-We've been occupied in a region for nearly a month, while your "ally" tanked to keep us from getting it back out of spite. That was OK with you.
-We've been continually ignored for two months. That was OK with you.
-We've been called useless, ignorant, and many other names by two American Presidents. That seems to be OK with you.
-We’ve been the victim of EDEN aggression that has gone entirely unchecked.

Yet, while you're being invaded, all you seem to want is our time and damage. That's not OK with us. It seems that repairing relations was only a priority on one side of the ocean, and that was our side.

Perhaps once you get some competent leadership (something you narrowly missed out on this month) which cares more about actually achieving something than waving things around when there were more important things to do, then you'll mature beyond a second level power, losing regions daily to every country you border.

To quote a friend of ours,
TL😉R Version, lets hop off EDEN's nut sack since they are obviously not living up to the standards they hold us too.

Countless times I given accounts of our grievances with Ireland. This has gone on for two months. Countless times, the UK was ignored. Apparent double standards from the HQ of EDEN, an institution we didn’t vote to join, that were often backed up by Terra or the little man across the pond who doesn’t like us - have successfully alienated the UK.

It is obvious now that the UK should pursue a path of neutrality. It is the only prudent way to manage our relationships whilst maintaining our right to choose.

All I can suggest to Terra is that you shouldn’t focus on standing up to NWO all of the time. Because you haven’t managed to stand up to EDEN yet.

Sincerely Yours,

The Moustache


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P.S - Still not a of Ireland and I don't like Greek.

Here's to independence!

P.P.S - We won't swap people to your borders anytime soon.