17 Shevat, 5775 - Purim Saragossa /פורים סרגוסה [ENG/HEB]

Day 2,634, 15:15 Published in Israel Israel by John Rupert Miranda

17 Shevat, 5775 - Purim Saragossa (1421) (scroll down for hebrew version)

In the year 1380 or 1420, under Peter IV. or under Alfonso V., King of Aragon, whom the Megillah written for this Purim designates "Saragossanos," a converted Jew called Marcus accused the Jews of Saragossa before the king of having attended the parade held in honor of the king with cases in their arms from which the scrolls of the Law, usually kept therein, had been purposely removed. This was true, the removal having been ordered by the rabbis of the city because of religious scruples. The king resolved, on the advice of Marcus, to have the cases opened in the street on the next similar occasion. But, the story continues, the prophet Elijah appeared in the night to the beadles of the twelve synagogues and told them to take proper measures. Accordingly, the next day, when the king passed by, the guards opened the cases and stated that no deception had been practised. The anger of the king fell upon Marcus, and he was hanged. In memory of this miracle the descendants of the Jews of Saragossa celebrate this Purim on the 17th or 18th of Shebaṭ in the synagogues founded by their ancestors at Constantinople, Magnesia, Melasso, Smyrna, Aldin, Jerusalem, and Salonica.

Daily Study
Chumash: Parshat Yitro, 6th Portion (Exodus 19:20-20:14)
Psalms: Chapters 83-87
Tanya: Likutei Amarim, beginning of Chapter 25
Rambam: 3 Chapters, 1 Chapter, Sefer Hamitzvot
Hayom Yom: Today's Hayom Yom

Daily Thought
Not About Anything

People think that Torah is about something; that it comes to explain our world, what has happened and what will happen, where each thing belongs and what to do with it.

In a way, this is true. But ultimately, Torah isn’t about anything—everything is about Torah.

G‑d emanated light, created a world and filled it with events, people and things, all so we would have means and metaphor to discuss His thoughts.
Chayei Sarah 5726:19; Torat Menachem 5741 13 Tishrei, sicha 1—based on Zohar, B’haalotecha

Source chabad.org & http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com

היסטוריה יהודית
פורים סרגוסה (1421)

סכנה ריחפה על ראשי הקהילה היהודית בסרגוסה, אך הם לא היו מודעים לכך. גבאי בתי-הכנסיות, שפעלו לפי חלום מסתורי, הצילו את הקהילה היהודית כולה ממוות. יום י"ז שבט נחגג על-ידי יהודי סרגוסה כ"פורים סרגוסה" על שם ההצלה הניסית.

מגילה מיוחדת נכתבה לזכר הנס, ויהודי סרגוסה נהגו לקרוא בה בזמנים שונים.

שיעורי תורה יומיים
פרשת יתרו, שישי (שמות יט:כ-כ:יד)
פרקים פג-פז
לקוטי אמרים, תחילת פרק כה
שלושה פרקים, פרק אחד, ספר המצוות
היום יום
"היום יום" של היום

ראש הממשלה